Reminder – 15th Summer School NIPE – Professor Badi H. Baltagi (Syracuse University)

The Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE) is pleased to announce its 15th Summer School on “Panel Data Spatial Econometrics”.  The course will be taught by Professor Badi H. Baltagi (Syracuse University) at the University of Minho, School of Economics and Management, Braga, Portugal, between June 11th and June 14th  2018.


The course shall cover the following topics:

  • Basic Review of Fixed and Random Effects Spatial Panel Data Methods: Estimation; Testing for Spatial Dependence, Fixed versus Random Spatial Effects
  • Endogeneity in Spatial Panel Data Models; Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Models
  • Nested Spatial Panel Models, Seemingly Unrelated Regressions: Spatial Panel Data Models, Nonstationary Spatial Panels ; Forecasting with Spatial Panel Data

The course will include lectures that develop the relevant theory and practical laboratory applications (Stata).


For more details about the course outline and description, please click here.


On the last day of the Summer School, June 14th, Professor Badi H. Baltagi  will be presenting a seminar.

There will also be the First PhD Student Workshop in Economics and Business Administration, open to PhD students from Portuguese and foreign universities.

For more information about the Summer School 2018, please follow the link:


Kind regards,

The organizing committee,

Cristina Amado

Natália Pimenta Monteiro


Núcleo de Investigação em Políticas Económicas
Escola de Economia e Gestão
Universidade do Minho

Campus de Gualtar

4710-057  Braga