Publications October 2018 / Institute of Development Policy (IOB)

Publications October 2018

Publications for an academic audience

  • Use of debt relief for the education sector in the DRC.
    Cassimon, D., De Herdt, T., Marivoet, W., & Verbeke, K. (2018).
    In A. Farazmand (Ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance (pp. 1-6). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Globalization.
    Cassimon, D., Engelen, P.-J., & Van Cappellen, H. (2018).
    In A. Marciano & G. B. Ramello (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Law and Economics (pp. 1-9). New York: Springer.
  • Decomposing the contribution of migration to poverty reduction: methodology and application to Tanzania.
    Christiaensen, L., De Weerdt, J., & Kanbur, R. (2018).
    In LICOS Discussion Paper Series (Vol. 406). Leuven: Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance.
  • When ethnicity beats gender: quotas and political representation in Rwanda and Burundi.
    Guariso, A., Ingelaere, B., & Verpoorten, M. (2018).
    Development and Change, online first.
  • Book review: From War To Genocide: Criminal Politics in Rwanda 1990–1994; Humanitarian Aid, Genocide and Mass Killings: Médecins Sans Frontiéres, The Rwandan Experience, 1982–97.
    Ingelaere, B. (2018).
    Canadian Journal of African Studies / Revue canadienne des études africaines, online first.
  • « Symbiose ou antibiose? » : un regard sur les liens entre l’exploitation minière artisanale et l’agriculture.
    Iragi Mukotanyi, F. (2018).
    In IOB Working Papers (Vol. 2018.10). Antwerp: University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy.
  • Joint forces: the impact of intrahousehold cooperation on welfare in East African agricultural households.
    Lecoutere, E., & Van Campenhout, B. (2018).
    In IOB Working Papers (Vol. 2018.11). Antwerp: University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy.
  • Real governance in the DRC (2003-2016): between reforms and white elephants.
    Marysse, S., & Megersa, K. (2018).
    In IOB Working Papers (Vol. 2018.08). Antwerp: University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy.
  • Presidential term limits and the international community.
    Murray, C., Alston, E., & Wiebusch, M. (2018).
    In IOB Working Papers (Vol. 2018.09). Antwerp: University of Antwerp, Institute of Development Policy.
  • Trump threatened to suspend the ‘conflict minerals’ provision of Dodd-Frank: that might actually be good for Congo.
    Stoop, N., Verpoorten, M., & van der Windt, P. (2018).
    The Washington Post – The Monkey Cage, online article.

IOB in the media

  • Sovereign debt workouts: quo vadis?
    Cassimon, D., Essers, D., & Verbeke, K. (2018).
    AfricaGrowth Agenda, 15/3, 4-8.
  • A scientifically sound gender approach.
    Lecoutere, E. (2018).
    Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung blog, online article.
  • Nee, Afrika stort niet ineen zonder corruptie.
    Titeca, K., & Ashaba, I. (2018, 24 september).
    De Standaard, pp. 30-31.