Institute of Development Policy (UAntwerp) : Publications March 2019

Publications March 2019

Publications for an academic audience

  • From the executive board to the classroom: what debt relief means for education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Cassimon, D., De Herdt, T., Marivoet, W., & Verbeke, K. (2019). International Journal of Public Administration, online first.
  • Agamben’s happy life: toward an ethics of impotence and mere communicability. Marijsse, S. (2019). Mosaic: an interdisciplinary critical journal, 52(1), 139-154.
  • Invisible and ignored? Local perspectives on mercury in Congolese gold mining. Nkuba, B., Bervoets, L., & Geenen, S. (2019). Journal of Cleaner Production, 221, 795-804.
  • Spillovers in Sub-Saharan Africa’s sovereign eurobond yields. Senga, C., & Cassimon, D. (2019). Emerging Markets Finance & Trade, online first.

IOB in the media

  • Closed borders and fighting words: Rwanda and Uganda’s deepening rift. Ashaba, I., & Bareebe, G. (2019). African Arguments, online article.
  • On the political economy of data collection: lessons from the unaccomplished population census (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2006-18). Brandt, C.O., & De Herdt, T. (2019). In Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Working Papers (Vol. 72). London: Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium.
  • Urbanization as a driver of changing food demand in Africa: evidence from rural-urban migration in Tanzania. Cockx, L., Colen, L., De Weerdt, J., & Gomez Y Paloma, S. (2019). In JRC Technical Reports (Vol. EUR 28756). Luxemburg: Publications Office of the European Union.
  • Kleptocracies like to plunder oil wealth, but in DR Congo it’s an under-developed bargaining chip. Edmond, P., & Titeca, K. (2019). Quartz Africa, online article.
  • Reviewing DRC’s poverty estimates, 2005-2012: unprecedented GDP growth without trickle down. Marivoet, W., De Herdt, T., & Ulimwengu, J. (2019). In Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Reports (Vol. 73). London: Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium.
  • Excuses aan Congo? Ja, maar pak ook echte problemen aan. Reyntjens, F. (2019). De Morgen, p. 23.
  • Spirits on trial? The case of Dominic Ongwen in the International Criminal Court. Titeca, K. (2019). Africa at LSE blog, online article.
  • Urban governance through personal connections: Kinshasa and its unlawful constructions. Titeca, K., & Malukisa, A. (2019). In Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium Working Papers (Vol. 66). London: Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium.


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