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6 November 2020
Dear all,

We are very happy to share with you this first newsletter after the end of the 2020 GeOnG Forum last Tuesday evening. We hope that those of you who attended had a great time and that you found the sessions stimulating and engaging!

It was a rich edition -by the diversity of its content and panels. We would like to thank all the speakers and facilitators who put their trust in us this year as the event was moved online.

This edition was more inclusive -with participants based in 72 different countries. The move to the virtual world had a few advantages! We thank our 14 sponsors for helping us reach our goal of creating a two-day online event designed for a larger and more diverse audience.

It was a challenging edition -let’s not kid ourselves, spending two days in front of a computer for a conference is not everyone’s cup of tea and it requires a lot of planning from the event organizers. But overall, it went well – thanks to the wonderful work of the moderators from the staff & volunteer teams of CartONG – and despite a few hiccups, all the preparation work paid off!

Despite the constraints, it was an exciting edition -thanks to all the participants who tried their luck with the 2 GeOniGmas, who were actively engaged in the forum discussions, who shared their best moments on social media, and much more! Thank you to all those who contributed to make this edition a convivial moment.

Last but not least, it was an inspiring edition -and on that note, we will leave you with a quote from our keynote speaker, Ben Parker: « We need to do this stuff better. You’re the first line of defence. The values in the data set need to reflect your values. »

We hope to see you all in 2022 for the next edition of the forum! Until then, take take!

Participation rate of 35% at any given time during the forum
200+ organizations represented and 70+ countries
They attended the forum this year!
Yesterday afternoon, we released the link to the GeOnG 2020 satisfaction survey from the event’s online platform. We invite everyone who received it to take 5 minutes to give us your feedback!
For those of you who are interested on the topic, we also invite you to fill out this short survey on interoperability that was used during the « Software and Data Interoperability in Mapping and GIS: Can you collaborate seamlessly with your partners » workshop led by Ant Scott & Hannah Ker from MapAction during the forum. It is now open to all participants.
This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Ben Parker, Senior Editor at The New Humanitarian for a keynote address during the plenary session which brought together 200 participants! We invite you to (re)discover the entire session above.

We also invite you to read the article that Ben Parker published following his participation in the GeOnG 2020 Forum: « Data responsibility starts with you« . We will make it available in French in the coming weeks.

The experience sharing session on the Covid-19 crisis: « How can humanitarian data practices come out of the pandemic stronger? » was another key moment of the 2020 GeOnG Forum. We invite you to (re)discover this conversation in the video above.

We thank the H2H Network for its involvement in the preparation of this session and for co-facilitating it with CartONG. We would also like to thank the 4 speakers from ACAPS, Ground Truth Solutions, Insecurity Insight and Translators without Borders who took part in this discussion.

This is also an opportunity for us to draw your attention to the publication of the H2H Network dashboard last week. Check it out below!

The H2H Network dashboard: Connecting humanitarian responders with high quality technical services
We also invite you all to (re)discover the videos of the Lightning Talks and of two of the Fail Fest that were presented at this year’s edition of the GeOnG.

Our team is actively working on checking and editing the videos of the other sessions. We hope to be able to make most of them available within the next two weeks!

Playlist of the 2020 GeOnG videos
~ Diamond sponsor ~

The Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency) is France’s inclusive public development bank.

AFD commits financing and technical assistance to projects that genuinely improve everyday life, both in developing and emerging countries and in the French overseas territories. In keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AFD works in many sectors – among others: energy, healthcare, biodiversity, water, digital technology, professional training – to assist with transitions towards a safer, more equitable, and more sustainable world. Through a network of 85 field offices, AFD currently finances, monitors and assists more than 3,600 development projects in 110 countries.

~ Platinum sponsor ~

Delivering aid and relief for the complex emergencies of today’s world requires agility in the planning and delivery of missions for all types of environments. Humanitarian organizations around the world rely on geospatial technology to manage their response life cycle and ensure their organization’s efforts have maximum impact. Esri supports organizations everywhere with the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available—providing users with a scientific-based approach to solving problems in real time.

~ Gold sponsors ~
ActivityInfo is an online information management platform used by thousands of humanitarians worldwide for monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian and development programs, planning, coordination and reporting for multi-partnered or geographically dispersed programs, case management, Rapid Response Mechanisms and more. With advanced user management permissions, IMOs of complex programs can collect, store and analyze information from different types of partner organizations or users and have a complete overview of the progress of their programs.
DPO Consulting Sud-Est is a subsidiary of a French operational consulting firm specializing in personal data protection. Its team has acquired a significant expertise in adressing data protection topics in the charitable and humanitarian sector. DPO Consulting Sud-Est supports organizations such as Médecins sans frontières, Handicap International or Expertise France on matters related to regulatory compliance (including GDPR), outsourcing of the DPO function and operational implementation through the deployment of tools, trainings and awareness campaigns.
~  A big thank you to our other sponsors ~

We would like to thank our Silver sponsors: Bazze and INSER.

We would like to thank our Bronze sponsors: Bluesquare, Géomatik KaraïbImpact Atlas and RSM Pays de Savoie

And a special thank you to Geodesk MBACrédit Coopératif and the City of Chambéry.

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