Scholarships for Advanced Masters in Development Studies, University of Antwerp, Belgium

Development Studies

at the University of Antwerp, Belgium

30 Scholarships available!
Do you lose sleep over issues of globalization, the climate crisis, migration or inequality and poverty around the world?
Do you want to contribute to local and/or global development?

The Institute of Development Policy (IOB) at the University of Antwerp brings together people from around the world who share your concerns and ambitions.

In one of our three Advanced Masters, you’ll study these issues, expand your knowledge, confront innovative and challenging ideas, and acquire vital professional skills.

Six reasons to study at IOB!
  1. At IOB, we stimulate a creative environment, with teachers and students from all parts of the world.
  2. We have students from over 30 different countries, with diverse academic and professional backgrounds. Here, you’ll experience the world in the classroom.
  3. We have an affordable registration fee, but we also offer several scholarship opportunities.
  4. We are a multidisciplinary academic institution that offers policy-oriented education based on the latest scientific insights about development challenges.
  5. Our research, which is the basis for our education, focuses on analyzing development policy as a multi-actor process. Of course, we also engage in policy advisory work.
  6. Our students end up working at development actors such as international organizations, NGO’s, governments, as well as at research and education institutes around the globe.

If you want to become a ‘change agent’, IOB is the place for you!
Let’s shape the future together!


Apply now for academic year 2021-2022
Master of Globalisation and Development

  • Tackle the great challenges of our time: migration, climate and environment and more equal distribution of wealth through trade, global value chains and labour markets
  • Study the opportunities of inclusive development at the interface of global and local development processes
  • Assess policy and programme interventions and the role of public and private actors therein.
  • Assess the strenghts and weaknesses of the development paradigms and the role of external actors in that respect.
  • Attain a better understanding of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes.
  • Analyse the interaction between national institutions, local politics and external actors.
Master of Governance and Development

  • Analyse governance in the interaction between the dynamics at the national level and the local level.
  • Attain a better understanding of the processes of state formation, state failure and state reconstruction.
  • Explore the issues of governance and development against the background ofviolent conflict and the challenge of post-conflict state reconstruction.
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Your future

IOB graduates mostly work in the government sector, parliaments, inter/supranational organisations, national and international NGOs, higher education/research, and bi- or multilateral donor agencies.

Meet some of our alumni
Our vision is one of a just and sustainable world.
As an institute of development studies, we strive to help build such a world through multidisciplinary academic research, education, partnerships and political engagement.