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December 2020

Master applications 2021-2022 open

Applications for the academic year 2021-2022 are now open. High quality education with an affordable registration fee in one of the major Belgian Universities located in the city of Antwerp. Several scholarships are available. Apply now, or share with your own networks!

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Work at IOB

We currently have three vacancies for graduate teaching & research assistant positions at IOB, starting 1 September 2021. For those wishing to pursue a PhD on « Global Governance and Inclusive Development », « Environment and Sustainable Development », or « Green City Bonds and Sustainable Development », take a look at our website now! And please share widely among your networks.

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HDCA Call for Proposals

How can we organize for the world of tomorrow? Covid-19 has taught us that we are not ready. We have re-discovered our common vulnerability – not only to a virus, but also to policy mismatch, institutional hiccups and authoritarian backlash. Divided we stood, unable to act in concert, lacking real opportunities for deliberation. How can we improve the structures of living together and face the challenges ahead to build a more just and sustainable world? The HDCA Conference 2021 puts this question center stage.

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Debating Development: decolonial perspectives

In 2020 IOB and USOS organized its ‘Debating Development’ series around the issue of decolonization. This year, we have seen how efforts towards decolonization have ranged from demands for land restitution to decolonizing the university curriculums, to empowering campaigns that remove statues of infamous colonial perpetrators in our public spaces. Yet, the meaning of decolonization is not universally agreed upon. What does decolonization entail in theory and practice?

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Collective research on CoViD-19 with IOB alumni

Which measures have been taken around the world to contain the spread of CoViD-19? What is the level of popular support for these measures in different countries? How are they enforced? How did different countries make the decisions on which measures to take? We asked our 1158 IOB alumni and our 77 current IOB students. Collectively we researched these topics and published them on the IOB Blog ‘Sustainable Global Society: Policies and Partnerships’.

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‘Oral Democracy’: Governance with Unequal Voices

What happens to “deliberative democracy” in contexts of social inequalities? What happens to citizens who are allowed a civic space to exercise voice in governance? What happens to the state as it invites citizens to participate in governance? On 10 December, Paromita Sanyal talked about the unique “talk-centered” large-N qualitative analysis of three hundred Indian village assemblies from four South Indian states.

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Alumni: Life after IOB

Meet some of our alumni and discover what projects they are working on after having studied at IOB!

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HDCA Conference

13-15 September 2021: HDCA Conference on ‘Capabilities and Transformative Institutions’.