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Drug Control and Development Policies

Monday 18 January 2021, 10:00 CET
Online Event
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International drug control mechanisms are focused on the elimination of drug production, use and trafficking, through the operationalization of repressive public policies criminalizing these substances and their non-medical use. The implementation of these policies has had a detrimental impact on other global development objectives, as recognized by the UN in 2008 and titled the ‘unintended consequences’ of drug control policies.

To explore the nexus between drug control and development policies, the David F. Musto Center on Drug Policy Studies at Shanghai University and International Development Policy at the Graduate Institute Geneva present the Special Issue “Drug Policies and Development: Conflict and Coexistence”. This event will allow audiences in different parts of China to join a discussion with world experts on drug control and development policy, and to engage in a debate on different dimensions of drug policies.

Welcome Remarks:
  • Prof. Yong-an Zhang, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University and Director of the David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies, China
  • Dr. Khalid Tinasti, Director of the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP) and Research and Teaching Fellow at the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Prof. Julia Buxton, British Academy Global Professor in Criminology at the University of Manchester, UK
  • Ms. Ann Fordham, Executive Director of the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), UK
  • Dr. Ved Baruah, Assistant Professor of History at the College of Liberal Arts, Shanghai University, China
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International Development Policy, a scholarly, open-access journal published by The Graduate Institute, Geneva, dedicated to development, international cooperation, and sustainability issues.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy, created in 2011 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, aims to bring to the international level an informed, science-based discussion about humane and effective ways to reduce the harm caused by drug policies to people and societies.

The David F. Musto Center for Drug Policy Studies at Shanghai University, established in 2010, was named after it’s first honorary director David Franklin Musto (1936–2010), a pioneering drug policy expert and professor of medicine at Yale University. The Center hosts the Musto Archive and focuses on international and Chinese drug policy, national/transnational security, and the social history of medicine.