[crem-sic-chercheurs] Parution : Populism and the Politicization of the COVID-19 Crisis in Europe

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*/Populism and the Politicization of the COVID-19 Crisis in Europe/*


**Giuliano Bobba, Nicolas Hubé*** (eds)*
*Palgrave Macmillan, 161 pages*

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This edited book provides a first overview of how populist parties
responded to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis in Europe. Although
populism would normally benefit from crisis situations (e.g.,
political representation or economic crises), the peculiar nature of
this health crisis does not make the benefit obvious. For it to be
exploited, a crisis must be politicized. While populists have tried
to take advantage of the crisis situation, the impossibility of
taking ownership of the COVID-19 issue has made the crisis hard to
be exploited. In particular, populists in power have tried to
depoliticize the pandemic, whereas radical right-populists in
opposition tried to politicize the crisis, though failing to gain
the relevant public support. This book considers populist parties in
eight European democracies, providing a framework of analysis for
their responses to the COVID-19 crisis. It does so by engaging with
the literature on crisis and populism from a theoretical perspective
and through the lens of the politicization process.

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