Institute of Development Policy : IOB publications June 2021

IOB publications June 2021
Publications for an academic audienceUganda. Ashaba, I., & Werner, K. (2021). In F. Reyntjens (Ed.),Political chronicles of the African Great Lakes region, 2020 (pp. 87-114). Brussel: University Press Antwerp.Fostering bottom-up actor coalitions for transforming complex rural territorial pathways. Bastiaensen, J., Huybrechs, F., Merlet, P., Romero, M., & Van Hecken, G. (2021). Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability49, 42-49.Intrahousehold relationships and decision-making in extended households of the Luguru community. De Backer, K., Holvoet, N., & Milanzi, M. (2021). Journal of International Women’s Studies22(5), 57-71. Retrieved from The institutional shaping of global megaprojects: the case of the Lyon-Turin high-speed railway. Esposito, G., Nelson, T., Ferlie, E., & Crutzen, N. (2021). International Journal of Project Management, online first. Burundi. Ndayiragije, R. (2021). In F. Reyntjens (Ed.), Political chronicles of the African Great Lakes region, 2020 (pp. 9-33). Brussel: University Press Antwerp.Rwanda. Reyntjens, F. (2021). In F. Reyntjens (Ed.), Political chronicles of the African Great Lakes region, 2020 (pp. 61-86). Brussel: University Press Antwerp.Praxis in resource geography: tensions between engagement and critique in the (un)making of ecosystem services. Shapiro-Garza, E., Kolinjivadi, V., Van Hecken, G., Windey, C., & Casolo, J. J. (2021). In M. Himley, E. Havice, & G. Valdivia (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Critical Resource Geography (pp. 236-247). London: Routledge.Multisectoral action for health in low-income and middle-income settings: how can insights from social science theories inform intragovernmental coordination efforts? Ssennyonjo, A., Van Belle, S., Titeca, K., Criel, B., & Ssengooba, F. (2021). BMJ Global Health6(5), e004064.Playing into the hands of the powerful: extracting « success » by mining for evidence in a payments for environmental services project in Matiguás-Río Blanco, Nicaragua. Van Hecken, G., Kolinjivadi, V., Huybrechs, F., Bastiaensen, J., & Merlet, P. (2021). Tropical conservation science14, 1-8.Klimaatverandering en sociale ongelijkheid. Vanhille, J., Van Hecken, G., Goedemé, T., & Verbist, G. (2021). In S. Vicca & A. Crabbé (Eds.),Van klimaatverandering naar systeemverandering (pp. 60-73). Brussel: University Press Antwerp.
IOB in the mediaBook review: La cicatrice: horreur et résilience (ra)contées. Ndayiragije, R. (2021). Iwacu, online article. France and Rwanda sacrifice truth at the altar of reconciliation. Reyntjens, F. (2021, 9 June). World Politics Review, online article.  How COVID-19 affected informal cross-border trade between Uganda and DRC. Titeca, K., & Anguyo, I. (2021, 24 May). The Conversation, online article. Decolonising human rights protection in Africa: impunity rhetorically repackaged? Vandeginste, S. (2021). In Egmont Africa Policy Briefs. Brussels: EGMONT Royal Institute for International Relations.