EADI eNewsletter #7/1 2021 | COVID-19: Solidarity versus Crisis Capitalism & More

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1st Issue July 2021
We’re on the final day of the EADI/ISS #Solidarity2021 conference, and are more than happy that everything has worked so well! We not only enjoyed the EADI community getting together again, but also the impressive diversity of participants, and the many stimulating group discussions. If you didn’t have the opportunity to join our debates and virtual exchanges, watch our blog space where we will be sharing impressions and perspectives from the conference in the weeks to come! For a start, we can give you some impressions from the opening plenary on global solidarity in times of COVID-19. And of course, we have also collected some more news, publication picks, calls, vacancies, and opinion pieces further below.
From our Blog: Solidarity versus Crisis Capitalism
COVID-19: solidarity as counter-narrative to crisis capitalism
The absence of serious measures to protect citizens from the COVID-19 virus in countries such as India and Brazil, as well as vaccine grabbing by countries in the Global North, have created much avoidable suffering, mainly, but not only, in the Global South. Nearly a year and a half after the outbreak of the pandemic, hope for transformative change rests mainly on the countless practices of solidarity by local communities worldwide. It therefore comes as no surprise that all speakers at the opening plenary of the EADI ISS #Solidarity2021 conference were torn between pessimism and hope when taking stock of solidarity in times of COVID-19. 
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EJDR Special Open Access Issue on Rural Aspirations
Rural aspirations – livelihood decisions and rural development trajectories – This special open access issue draws mainly on the following research projects and centers: Future Rural Africa (CRC TRR228), a joint research collaboration between the Universities of Bonn and Cologne, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), the Center for International Forestry Research and World Agroforestry(CIFOR-ICRAF) and Bangor University. A virtual roundtable discussion on the issue and its key findings will take place on 26 August 2021. 
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Latest EADI Virtual Dialogue on YouTube (in French)Entre terrain de jeux géostratégiques et aspiration à maitriser son développement: quel futur pour l’Amérique centrale?
Il s’agit ici de montrer comment la situation géostratégique de la région (charnière entre le Nord et le sud, l’Est et l’Ouest) et les nouvelles priorités globales en matière de développement se conjuguent pour refaçonner continuellement les territoires et les relations sociales des populations qui y vivent. L’analyse s’appuie tant sur les notions de rupture et continuité que sur celles d’adaptation et résistance. 
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Featured EADI Member: Noragric
International Environment and Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NORAGRIC), together with CARE Norway, is leading a new 100 million project to fight food insecurity and malnutrition in Niger. The project aims to make agriculture in the country less vulnerable to climate change, and fight food insecurity and malnutrition through Introducing drought-resistant crop varieties, improving methods for crop establishment, improving cereal and livestock production, improving nutrition through cultivation of nutritious crops, and training households on improved nutrition 
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Highlight: Post Corona Africa
The working paper « Post-corona Africa: downward spiral or resilient recovery? » by the Global Development Institute discusses how the deeply rooted structural weaknesses – high informality, a large youth population with few gainful jobs, and heavy reliance on resource sectors – intertwine with high inequalities and challenging debt dynamics. Illustrating how these weaknesses amplify the negative impact of Covid-19, the paper emphasises how this crisis threatens to push the continent into a downward spiral of low growth, high inequalities and high debt vulnerabilities, making a recovery extremely difficult. 
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Thematic Focus: The Development Sector
Disrupting Development? A Situated Perspective on Technology and Innovation in Global Development
2021/07 – Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS); Progress in Development Studies; Author(s): Adam Moe Fejerskov & Dane Fetterer

Forced Displacement and the Humanitarian‐Development Nexus: A Roundtable Anthology
2021/07 – Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA); research paper; Author(s): Alexander Burlin et al.

An Ode to ODA Against all Odds? A Novel Game‑Theoretical and Empirical Reappraisal of the Terrorism‑Aid Nexus
2021/07 – Institute of Development Research and Development Policy (IEE); Atl Econ J; Author(s): Elkhan Richard Sadik‑ZadaAuthoritarian Developmentalism: The Latest Stage of Neoliberalism?
2021/06 – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS); Geoforum; Author(s): Murat Arsel, Fikret Adaman, Alfredo Saad-Filho

How Can Development Organizations Improve Their Use of Evidence?
2021/07 – ETH Zürich, Centre for Development and Cooperation (NADEL); briefing paper; Author(s): Kimon Schneider

Connecting the Pieces of the Puzzle: The EU’s Implementation of the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus
2021/06 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Pauline Veron, Volker Hauck
 Premium Members Publication PicksSilent Cities, Silenced Histories: Subaltern Experiences of Everyday Urban Violence During COVID-19
2021/06 – Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; research paper; Author(s): Jaideep Gupte, Syeda Jenifa Zahan

Merging Peace and Politics: Drivers, Dilemmas and Options for the AU’s New Governance Setup
2021/06 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Martin Ronceray, Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw

The Role of Sustainability Living Labs in Understanding Food-Water-Energy Nexus Challenges and Solutions in India and Jordan
2021/06 – Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); research paper; Author(s): Karin Küblböck, Ines Omann et al.

Acting Together for the Sustainable Use of Water in Agriculture
2021/06 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD); research paper; Author(s): Stephaie Leyronas, Aurelien Dumant, Olivier Petit, Quentin Ballin

Turkey as a Regional Security Actor in the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Levant Region
2021/06 – Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI); research paper; Author(s): Siri Neset et al.Post-Genocide Identity Politics and Colonial Durabilities in Rwanda
2021/06 – King’s International Development Institute (IDI); Critical African Studies; Author(s): Andrea Purdekova, David Mwambari

WTO Reform: The Role of the G20
2021/07 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); in: Global Governance at a Turning Point; Author(s): Axel Berger, Clara Brandi

Fieldnotes, Field Research, and Positionality of a “Contested-Native Researcher”
2021/06 – – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS); International Journal of Qualitative Methods; Author(s): Rukumbuzi Delphin Ntayoma

Looking Beyond the Horizon. A Normative-Institutional Approach to Sustainability Science; Getting Onto ‘The Balcony’
2021/04 – Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability, University of Twente (CSTM); research paper; Author(s): Michiel A. Heldeweg

20th Century Disease Eradication Programs & Their Legacies for Health Systems 
2021/06 – Graduate Institute (IHEID); research paper; Author(s): Ryan Whitacre, Surabhi Agarwal, Suerie MoonRead more about EADI Members
CallsCall for Case Studies for Policymaking on Loss and Damage 
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); Deadline: 15 July

DSAI Annual Conference 2021 – Call for Abstracts Open
Development Studies Association Ireland (DSAI); Deadline: 12 August

Call for Proposals: A Study of the Implementation of Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy in Partner Countries
Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA); Deadline: 24 August

Call: Deadline for Submitting Your Thesis for the Africa Thesis Award 2021
African Studies Centre (ASC); Deadline: 31 August

More calls on the EADI websiteOpen Online ActivitiesHLPF 2021 – The Road to Making Equal Recovery From COVID-19 a Reality for all
8 July, 13:30 CEST; Dag Hammarskjoeld Foundation (DHF)

Fearless and Transformative Cities: Housing Stories From the Ground
17:30 CEST; Transnational Institute (TNI); 08 July

Financing Urban Resilience Through Land Value Capture
9 July, 09:00 CEST; Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS)

There Is No Recovery Without Informal Workers: Towards a Better Deal for the Global Working Poor
12 July, 9.30 EDT; Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton

Tackling Growth Dependency in the Welfare System—the Case of Adult Social Care
13 July, 15:00 GMT+1; Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP)

Rural Sanitation and Climate Change
14 July, 9,30 GMT+1; Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton

Elite Networks and the Transregional Dimension of Authoritarianism: Sino-Emirati Relations in Times of a Global Pandemic
15 July, 12:30 CEST; Arnold Bergsträsser Institut (ABI)

Lessons on Global Health Cooperation From Covid-19: Germany’s Perspective
15 July, 15.15 CEST; Graduate Institute (IHEID)

Feeding all City Inhabitants
16 July, 15:00 GMT+1; Oxford Department of International Development (ODID)

Municipalities and Food Security: A Constitutional Analysis
20 July, 13.00 GMT+1; Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton

Inclusive Fintech in China and Global Development
21 July, 12.00 GMT+1; Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton

More online offers by members on the EADI Website
 SDGsFrom Science to Practice – Research and Knowledge to Achieve the SDGs
2021/07 – United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD); Research and Policy Brief 38; Author(s): Maggie Carter

Key Players in National SDG Accountability: The Role of Parliaments
2021/07 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); research paper; Author(s): Anite Breuer, Julia Leiniger et al.

Key Players in Accountable SDG Implementation: National Human Rights Institutions
2021/07 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); briefing paper; Author(s): Anita Breuer, Julia Leininger, Saionara Koenig-Reis#

Developing Peace: The Evolution of Development Goals and Activities in United Nations Peacekeeping
2021/06 – Oxford Development Studies; Author(s): John Gledhill, Richard Caplan & Maline Meiske

Ensuring Children’s Inclusion in the High-Level Political Forum – Participation and Agency to Achieve the SDG
2021/06 – Dag Hammarskjoeld Foundation (DHF); Author(s): Dragica Mikavica

More SDG publications on the EADI websiteJobsCall: Expressions of Interest Sought – Consultancy for Facilitating Development of DSAI Strategic Plan 2022-2025
Development Studies Association Ireland (DSAI); Deadline: 14 July

Consultancy: Policy Analysis for IIED Europe (6 Months)
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); Deadline: 16 July

Research Assistant in the European External Affairs Team (40 Hours/week)
European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); Deadline: 19 July

Post-Doc Researcher
Arnold Bergsträsser Institut (ABI); Deadline: 21 July

Research Fellow (P-2) 
United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); Deadline: 3 August

The NAI African Scholar Program Invites Applications for Two Positions 
Nordic Africa Institute (NAI); Deadline: 20 August

Senior Researcher in Development Economics 
Nordic Africa Institute (NAI); Deadline: 3 September

PhD Candidate at CMI (Doctoral Researcher): « God, Grievance, and Greed? Understanding Northern Mozambique’s New Islamist War »
Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI); Deadline: 12 September

More jobs on the EADI WebsiteOpinionsBlog: Inequalities and Environmental Damage: The Case of the Mekong River Basin
2021/06 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD); blog post; Author(s): Etienne Espagne, Thi Phuong Linh Huynh, Alexis Drogoul, Stephane Lagree

Blog: Power, Politics and Inclusion in Food Systems: The Case of Sudan
2021/07 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); blog post; Author(s): Paulina Bizzotto Molina

Blog: Port Sudan Caught in the International Race to Control the Red Sea Region
2021/07 – Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI); blog post; Author(s): Azza Mustafa Babikir Ahmed

Blog: Why Green Industrial Policy Should Be a Priority Area of Development Cooperation
2021/07 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); blog post; Author(s): Tilman Altenburg

Blog: Ancient, Fresh Visions of Land
2021/07 – Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP); blog post; Author(s): Malaika Cunningham

Blog: Climate Justice: New Trends, New Opportunities
2021/07 – Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI); blog post; Author(s): Marta Torre-Schaub

Blog: CBA15: Four Messages Ahead of COP26
2021/07 – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); blog post; Author(s): Sam Greene

Blog: The Concept of Fragmented Labour Markets
2021/07 – Copenhagen Business School, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (IKL); blog post; Author(s): Janine Leschke & Sonja Bekker

Blog: In the Pursuit of Development, Inequality Is Every Bit as Detrimental as Climate Change
2021/07 – Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS); blog post; Author(s): Lars Engberg-Pedersen & Adam Moe Fejerskov

Blog: Urban Protests in Colombia: What Are They About, and How Have Cities Been Affected by the Violence?
2021/07 – Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID); blog post; Author(s): Carlos Tobar Tovar, Stephany Vargas Rojas & Melanie Lombard

Blog: Does China Pose a Challenge to Our Liberal Democracies?
2021/07 – Real Instituto Elcano; blog post; Author(s): Andrés Ortega

Blog: Environmental Worries or China Bashing? The Sierra Leone Fisheries Harbour Controversy
2021/07 – African Studies Centre (ASC); blog post; Author(s): Ton Dietz

Blog: Delivering Regional Public Goods Is Key for Successful African Regional Integration
2021/07 – Foundation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Développement International (FERDI); blog post; Author(s): Jaime de Melo & Bruche Byiers

Blog: How Seaspiracy Misses the Big Picture
2021/07 – Transnational Institute (TNI); blog post; Author(s): Mads Barbesgaard et al.

Opinion: Women for Peace in the Horn of Africa: A New Network Across Borders for More Impact 
2021/07 – Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC); Author(s): Asia Abdulkadir

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