CIRIEC – APCE 2021/3 « Knowledge Creation: New Frontiers for Public Investment » by Massimo FLORIO

publication 26/08/2021
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vol.92, n°3, 2021
Special Issue:Knowledge Creation: New Frontiers for Public Investment
Knowledge creation: new frontiers for public investment / Massimo Florio (in open access)

  Biomed Europa: After the coronavirus, a public infrastructure to overcome the pharmaceutical oligopoly / Massimo Florio, Simona Gamba (in open access)

  The learning mechanisms through public procurement for innovation: The case of government-funded basic research organizations / Paolo Castelnovo, Martina Dal Molin

  From scientific experiments to innovation: Impact pathways of a Synchrotron Light Facility / Gelsomina Catalano, Gaston García López, Alejandro Sánchez, Silvia Vignetti

  Human and social capital accumulation within research infrastructures: The case of CERN / Gelsomina Catalano, Francesco Giffoni, Valentina Morretta

  Demonstrating public value to funders and other stakeholders—the journey of ELIXIR, a virtual and distributed research infrastructure for life science data / Corinne S. Martin, Susanna Repo, Juan Arenas Márquez, Niklas Blomberg, Katharina B. Lauer, Xènia Pérez Sitjà, Premysl Velek, Ana M. P. Melo, Christine Stansberg, Francesca De Leo, Elina Griniece, Hannes Rothe, Robert Petryszak, Andrew Smith (in open access)

  The impact of the Italian Space Agency on scientific knowledge: Evidence from academic publications / Davide Vurchio, Anna Giunta

  Ex-ante socio-economic impact assessment for a social science research infrastructure: The case of EuroCohort / Giulio Ecchia, Chris O’Leary, Luciano Messori (in open access)
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