CIRIEC – APCE 2021/4

publication 16/11/2021
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Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.92, n°4, 2021  
Board-level employee representative independence: Myth or reality? Theoretical analysis and empirical research—the case for Slovenia / Valentina Franca and Anja Strojin Štampar

Exploring Draheim’s three dimensions of success i n cooperative organizations—the case of collective Alpine summer farms / Stefan Mann and Andrei Stoinescu (in Open Access)

Centralized standards and local taxation in municipal waste management / Giuseppe Di Liddo and Annalisa Vinella Effect of deposit mobilization on the technical efficiency of rural saving and credit cooperatives: Evidence from Ethiopia / Girma Jirata Duguma and Jiqin Han (in Open Access)

Technical assistance: A determinant of cooperative member loyalty / Marcelo Ferreira, Clea Macagnan, Daniel Vancin and Ana Toaldo

Characterization of farmer-based cooperative societies in the upper west region of Ghana / Stanley Kojo Dary and Jasper Grashuis

Endogenous timing in a mixed duopoly under the optimal degree of privatization / Kojun Hamada

Ethical values in social economy for sustainable development / Francisco Rincon-Roldan and Alvaro Lopez-Cabrales  Editor Marco Marini Publisher Wiley

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