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1st Issue April 2022


Today we can proudly announce our very first Distinguished Guest Lecture this year, in which Sally Matthews from Rhodes University will shed the light on alternatives to development with special focus on the African concept of ubuntu. Our blog has also been quite busy in the last few weeks, and so we’ve got again two new posts to share. As this week saw the publication of a new assessment report on climate mitigation by the IPCC, our thematic focus is on climate this time.New on our BlogIndustrial policy for lower-income countries in the age of global value chains »Countries of the Global South and particularly lower-income countries could barely benefit from the integration into global value chains (GVCs) so far », write the authors of our latest blog: « Regional integration, ecological leapfrogging, development-oriented macroeconomic policies and certain global framework conditions are necessary to distribute the benefits from (and costs of) GVCs more broadly. » Read more 

New on our BlogIndebting the green transition: critical notes on green bonds in the South »Of all the tools used to ‘celebrate the marriage’ between decarbonization, economic growth and private finance, Green Bonds are one of the most prominent », write the authors of this post, and ask: « if everything can be green, what is green? » They explore why green bonds are not as good as they may seem and  challenge the idea that « private and public investors should be allowed to strategically label ‘green’ pieces of larger value chains that are scantly entangled with environmental and social impacts. » Read the postTo the blog overview

Save the Date: Next Guest Lecture on 10 MayWe are happy to invite you all to our very first distinguished guest lecture this year, which will be given by  Sally Matthews from Rhodes University, South Africa. On 10 May at 11.00 CEST. She will critically explore the viability of the idea of alternatives to development, with particular reference to ubuntu in the South African context. Everybody interested in Africa and/or post-development issues shouldn’t miss this! Read more and register

News from the EJDROur journal, the European Journal of Development Research (EJDR) has some new open access articles online:Does Accountability Undermine Service Delivery? The Impact of Devolving Agriculture in Ghana Read
The Poverty Reduction Effect of Social Protection: The Pros and Cons of a Multidisciplinary Approach Read
Paradoxes of Inclusion: Adverse Effects of Inclusive Interventions in Northern Ethiopia ReadThe EJDR is EADI’s Journal. Read it now!

Featured EADI Member: Institute of Development StudiesOnce again the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Brighton, UK, has been ranked first in the world for Development Studies, together with the University of Sussex. The institute is committed to delivering world-class research, learning and teaching that transforms the knowledge, action and leadership needed for more equitable and sustainable development globally. Over the last fifty years, IDS has worked together with many partner organisations to transform approaches to progressive social, political and economic change. Lately, IDS has published a rich body of research on social assistancewhich we recommend for further reading. Read more

Highlight: Decolonising Knowledge for Development
This IDS Working Paper seeks to explore current and emerging framings of decolonising knowledge for development. It does this with the intent of helping to better understand the importance of diverse voices, knowledges, and perspectives in an emerging agenda for development research. It aims to offer conceptual ideas and practical lessons on how to engage with more diverse voices and perspectives in understanding and addressing the impacts of Covid-19. Read more
Thematic Focus: Climate Change

A Home for all Within Planetary Boundaries: Pathways for Meeting England’s Housing Needs Without Transgressing National Climate and Biodiversity Goals
2022/03 – Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP); SocArXiv; Author(s): Sophus zu Ermgassen et al.

Child-Centred Community-Based Adaptation in Bangladesh: What Works and Why?
2022/04 – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); research paper; Author(s): Ritu Bharadwaj Devanshu Chakravarti & N. Karthikeyan

Stress-Testing Development Pathways Under a Changing Climate: Water-Energy-Food Security in the Lake Malawi-Shire River System2022/02 – Sustainability Research Institute; Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A; Author(s): Ajay G. Bhave et al.Devolved Finance and Governance of Climate Change Adaptation2022/03 – Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS); DIIS Report; Author(s): Esbern Friis-Hansen et al.
Demand-Side Solutions to Climate Change Mitigation Consistent With High Levels of Well-Being
2022/02 – Copenhagen Business School, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (IKL); nature climate change; Author(s): Felix Creutzig et al.

The European 2030 Climate and Energy Package: Do Domestic Strategy Adaptations Precede EU Policy Change?
2022/03 – Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability, University of Twente (CSTM); Policy sciences; Author(s): Lana Ollier, Florence Metz, Alejandro Nuñez-Jimenez, Leonhard Späth, Johan Lilliestam

 See more publications about climate change
Premium Members Publication Picks

Economic Sanctions and the Russian War on Ukraine: A Critical Comparative Appraisal
2022/03 – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS); research paper; Author(s): Peter van Bergeijk

Supporting Financial Inclusion of Migrants: Actors, Approaches and Avenues to Overcome Challenges
2022/03 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Pamella Ahairwe, Amanda Bisong

The Politics of Donor and Government Approaches to Social Protection and Humanitarian Policies for Assistance During Crises
2022/03 – Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; research paper; Author(s): Paul Harvey, Habiba Mohamed

Bridging Home and School in Cross-Border Education: The Role of Intermediary Spaces in the in/exclusion of Mainland Chinese Students and Their Families in Hong Kong 
2022/03 – Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR); Urban Studies; Author(s): Maggi Wh Leung, Johanna L Waters

Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Trade: An Empirical Analysis
2022/03 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD); research paper; Author(s): Emmanuelle Auriol, Sara Biancini, Rodrigo Paillacar

Public Concerns and Connected and Automated Vehicles: Safety, Privacy, and Data Security
2022/03 – Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability, University of Twente (CSTM); Humanities and Social Sciences Communications; Author(s): Dasom Lee, David J. Hess

The Uncertain Future of Human Rights
2022/03 – Graduate Institute (IHEID); Global Challenges; Author(s): Graduate Institute

The War in Ukraine and Turkey’s Hedging Strategy Between the West and Russia
2022/03 – Ghent Centre for Global Studies (GCGS); research paper; Author(s): Dries Lesage, Emin Daskin. Hasan Yar

Migrant and Refugee Students From the Global South at Austrian Universities: A Typology for Targeted Support
2022/04 – Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); research paper; Author(s): Judith Kohlenberger, Theresa Herzog, Tobias Schnitzler

Angola: Religion and Repression
2022/03 – Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI); research paper; Author(s): Inge Amundsen

Contested Water- and Miningscapes – Explaining the High Intensity of Water and Mining Conflicts in a Meta-Study
2022/06 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); World Development; Author(s): Mirja Schoderer, Marlen Ott

Transformative Effects of Overtourism and COVID-19-Caused Reduction of Tourism on Residents—an Investigation of the Anti-Overtourism Movement on the Island of Mallorca 
2022/03 – Faculty of Society and Economics, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences; Urban Science; Author(s): Sebastian Amrhein, Gert-Jan Hospers, Dirk Reiser

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CallsCall for Papers: Special Issue Competition & Change: Advancing the Inclusive Industrial Growth Debate: An Appraisal of East Asian Capitalism From a Global Historical Perspective
Department of International Development, King’s College (DID); Deadline: 8 April

Call for Proposals: gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2022, online, 30 May – 3 June
Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut, der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit gGmbH (DEval); Deadline 13 April

Call for Applications: PhD Student Masterclass, DSA 2022, 6-8 July 2022
Development Studies Association of the UK and Ireland (DSA); Deadline: 14 April

Call for Papers: Conference Jointly Organized by UNU-WIDER and the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-Operation 
United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); Deadline: 19 April

Call for Papers: Up-Scaling Co-Benefits of Sustainable Consumption for Development , Bonn, 13-14 June 2022
German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); Deadline: 24 April

Call for Papers: « Change and Resilience in International Law », Geneva, 6-8 October 2022
Graduate Institute (IHEID); Deadline: 24 April

Call for Papers: Shifting Narratives Conference: The Political Economy of Public Services, Spending and Production, 27-30 June
Transnational Institute (TNI), Deadline: 25 April

Call for Papers for Conference on Enabling Sustainable Mobility Practices in Europe, Amsterdam, 27-28 October 2022
Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR); Deadline: 1 May

Call for Papers: ‘The Natural’ in International Law, Amsterdam, 8-9 September 2022
Graduate Institute (IHEID); Deadline: 6 May

Call for Sessions: Global Development Conference: Tax Policy for Sustainable Development, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2-4 November 2022
Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI); Foundation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Développement International (FERDI); Deadline: 10 May

Call for Proposals: White Rose South Asia Network Conference « ‘Borders, Connections & Transgressions », Sheffield and Hybrid, 1 July 2022
Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre, University of York; Deadline: 14 May

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Opinion: Reinventing Development: An Interview With Achille Mbembe and Rémy Rioux
2022/04 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Opinion: What the EU’s Asylum Response to the War in Ukraine Means for Africa-Europe Relations
2022/03 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); Author(s): Anna Knoll

Blog: Reforming the International Financial System Is No Act of Charity
2022/03 – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS); blog post; Author(s): Rolph van der Hoeven, Rob Vos

Blog: What Role Should the EU Green Deal Play in Times of Conflict? 
2022/04 – German Development Institute, Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE); blog post; Author(s): Alexia Faus Onbargi, Gabriela Iacobuta, Lukas Hermwille

Blog: A Food Crisis Was Brewing Even Before the Ukraine War – But Taking These Three Steps Could Help the Most Vulnerable 
2022/03 – United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); blog post; Author(s): Kalle Hirvonen

Opinion: The Misplaced Male Anger That Drove the 2022 South Korean Presidential Race 
2022/03 – Department of International Development, King’s College (DID); Author(s): Nahee Kang, Ye Liu

Blog: Responses to Putin’s War Risk Impeding International Cooperation on Climate
2022/03 – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); blog post; Author(s): Andrew Norton

Blog: Shadows to Light: Solar Public Lighting Illuminates Informal Settlements at Night
2022/03 – ETH Zürich, Centre for Development and Cooperation (NADEL); blog post; Author(s): Yael Borofsky

Opinion: The Ukraine War Is Deepening Uncertainties in the Arab World
2022/04 – Institute of International Relations (IIR); Author(s): Clément Steuer

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Project “Freedom and Development? Freedom of Religion or Belief, Religious Actors, and Sustainable Development”
German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA); Deadline: 11 April 2022

University Assistant (Post Doc) at the Department of Development Studies 
Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna; Deadline: extended to 13 April 2022

Researcher in Earth Observation for Ecological Restoration (Full Time) 
International Institute for Geo-Information Sciences and Earth Observation (ITC); Deadline: 14 April 2022

Doctoral Student, Global Migration Centre
Graduate Institute (IHEID); Deadline: 14 April 2022

Researcher / Senior Researcher
Institute of International Relations (IIR); Deadline: 15 April

(Senior) Researcher Entwicklungspolitik (35–40 Stunden, Ab 1. Juli 2022)
Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); Deadline: 18 April 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher “Moving Animals: A History” at Maastricht University
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Maastricht (FASOS); Deadline: 19 April 2022

Research Manager ‘Human Resources and Career Management, Job Quality and Wellbeing’
Higher Institute of Labour Studies (HIVA); Deadline: 24 April, 2022

Forest Finance Researcher
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED); Deadline: 29 April

Assistant Professor in Sociology 
Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR); Deadline: 1 June 2022

Three Positions: Senior Researchers in Poverty and Global Health (Economist, Political Scientist, Anthropologist/ Qualitative Researcher)
Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI); Deadline: 24 June 2022

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Master Programme: Food Security Policy and Management
Food Business and Development, University College Cork (UCC)

Free Online Course: Governing Pandemics, 8 April – 15 July
Graduate Institute (IHEID)

Online Course (MOOC) on Exit Policies:  the Governance of Exit
Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Online Course, Migration and Africa: Political, Social and Economic Perspectives (Online), 18-19 May, register by 10 April
Arnold Bergsträsser Institut (ABI)

More courses and trainings on the EADI WebsiteOpen Online ActivitiesOECD High-Level Event : Shaping a Just Digital Transformation
8 April 2022, 14:00 CEST; OECD Development Centre (OECD/DC)

.ua Discussions #5: The State of the Ukrainian Economy
12 April, 18.00 CEST; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Accidental Feminism: Gender Parity and Selective Mobility Among India’s Professional Elite
12 April, 16.15 CEST; Graduate Institute (IHEID)

The Deep and Problematic History of Climate Governance in the Dry Lands
12 April, 16.15 CEST; Graduate Institute (IHEID)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: EU’s Quest for Resource Security and Clean Energy Transition
14 April, 11.00 CEST; International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

MENA–EU Relations in the Contemporary World
20 April, 16.00 CEST; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Knowing Women: Same-Sex Intimacy, Gender, and Identity in Postcolonial Ghana
21 April, 17.00 CEST; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

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