Political & Economic Dictionary of Africa 2022

Political & Economic Dictionary of Africa 2022

This invaluable dictionary provides an essential guide to the politics and economics of the African continent. Each individual entry provides clear and concise information, and entries are fully cross-referenced to enhance the book’s usability. Organizations listed include contact details wherever possible.

The Dictionary provides concise, clear definitions of the terms, organizations and personalities making up the economic and political fabric of Africa.

Containing up-to-date, detailed information, this book will prove a key reference to anyone studying the region, an area which is coming to the forefront of international affairs.

Short essays on recent history and economy profile each country in the region, while other entries detail eminent politicians or heads of state, important national and international organizations, political parties, religions, border disputes and geographical features.

Key Features:

  • A concise guide to one of the most important regions of the world today  
  • Covers information in one volume that may otherwise only be available in a number of sources  
  • Each country’s recent history and economy are described and analysed in separate essays.  


All 54 Countries from Algeria to Zimbabwe.

A well-balanced, well-judged and remarkably comprehensive volume, this Dictionary is probably the best reference work on Africa.

Hardcover 500 pp.