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Decoding the News Join AFD & the Africa Lawyers Hub in Paris
at AI Policy Dialogue 2022  Conference

Economic development, digital trade and democracy in the era of artificial intelligence
AFD collaborates with the Africa Lawyer Hub to promote technological innovation in Africa by supporting the « Africa Law Tech Festival ».  This year, the Festival organizes “Africa-Europe Artificial Intelligence Policy Dialogue” with experts’ conferences in Africa & Europe. AFD co- organizes with the Africa Lawyers Hub a Hackathon and a conference on the theme “Economic development, digital trade and democracy in the age of artificial intelligence” Hackathon : Monday 13 June from 9 am to 5 pm  Conference : Tuesday 14 June from 9 am to 6:30 pm Register to the conference & Hackaton of AI Policy Dialogue 2022 #GenderInequality Digital Labour Platforms in Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area: On Work Conditions & Gender Inequality 
What is the effect of app-based platforms for the personal service sector in Argentina? This project, based on several research papers coordinated by AFD expert Cecilia Poggi, explores the labour conditions and performance experienced on the platform by workers like food delivery riders, hail-riding drivers, home cleaners & office repair providers in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. It examines through a gender lens the extent to which its flexible character influences the incorporation, job retention & the performance of women and men. Read the article CALL FOR RESEARCH PAPERS Save the date  Strong Sustainability Trajectories Conference
 AFD launches a call for research papers

On December 7, 8 and 9, 2022, AFD is organizing its 15th Internationl Research Conference on Development, on the theme “Strong sustainability: are Net Zero development trajectories sustainable?”

A call for research papers has been launched to fuel discussions during the Conference’s Academic Days. 

Note that the selected papers will have the chance to be issued in special edition on  » Strong Sustainability » of 2 academic publications, namely Ecological Economics &  International Journal of Political Economy

Applications are open until June 15th, 2022.
Submit your research papers before June 15 here ! INTERESTING READS Latest Publications Measuring the impact of development projects using geospatial impact evaluation methods Geospatial impact evaluation (GIE) methods were developed because of the increasing availability of geospatial data. They are particularly suited to evaluating the impact of development aid programmes. 

Question of Development  No. 55 The Green Budgeting Transition – Greening fiscal policies and public financial management  Implementing a transition to a green economy requires significant financial resources, both public and private, to make the necessary investments. It also requires States to realign their public policies on a trajectory compatible with the Paris agreement. Finance ministries have a central role to play, through fiscal policy and public financial management, to drive the transition to a green economy. The green fiscal transition aims to align revenue collection and public expenditure processes with environmental and climate objectives.

Technical Reports No. 66 Agricultural information systems in Sub-Saharan Africa: Rethinking the role of governments in the age of private digital services Information systems play a key role in agricultural risk management strategies and production and marketing decision optimisation strategies. This makes them an important tool for poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Question of Development No. 52 Populations’ Behavior Toward Covid-19 Safety Measures: Evidence from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia The present study aims to analyze the populations’ behavior toward COVID-19 safety measures in each of Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. In this direction, a particular focus is put on which safety measures are observed and which category of people is most likely to observe them. To answer these questions, household data provided by Economic Research Forum (ERF) rapid phone survey are used for both Morocco and Tunisia. 

Research Paper No. 249 Mental Health and Gender Inequality in the MENA Region: An Analysis of Shock Related Factors Within the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic This paper investigates the potential associations between factors that affected households during the pandemic and the gendered mental health inequalities in the MENA region. To analyze these potential associations, the paper used data from the World Health Organization and the ERF COVID-MENA Monitor Survey panel dataset.

Research Paper No. 248 EVENTS AND CONFERENCES Replay   World Bank Africa Knowledge Fest 2022
with AFD participation 

On Wednesday June 1, the 2022 edition of the Africa Knowledge Fest, showcased of the most notable analytical works done by World Bank staff on development issues in Africa. The event was accompanied by simultaneous country office forums for exchange featuring prominent development thinkers as well as exhibits of recent knowledge works produced by the World Bank in the Africa region and by the Global Practices

Co-Moderated by Albert Zeufack, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa and Thomas Mélonio, AFD Executive Director of Innovation, Strategy, and Research, the panel on « Centering African Knowledge: The Africa Development Forum Series in Perspective » invited the authors of recent titles of Africa Development Forum series jointly published by the World Bank & AFD, to discuss the specifically African experience of the massive disruptions that have affected food security, global manufacturing value chains and access to electricity in recent months, while highlighting possible African responses to these global challenges in the future. 

The replay of the sessions will be posted on the World Bank website in the following days
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World Environment Day
June 5
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June 8 + Learn more  
  Video 10th session of the 2022 GEMMES Vietnam webinar series : After COP26, towards a resilient transition strategy for Vietnam This session on “Macroeconomics of climate impacts and adaptation finance”  focused on financing adaptation strategies, measuring adaptation finance.  The webinar was chaired by Dr. Vu Canh Toan (ISET) and Dr. Emmanuel Pannier on 11 May 2022.

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