REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING – Green construction – Building the future with sustainable jobs – Join our training from 20 June to 8 July 2022

   Planting trees can make the world (look) greener. Yet, that is certainly not enough in face of the unprecedented challenges from climate change and environmental degradation.  Buildings alone are actually responsible for around one-third of carbon dioxide emissionsand generate various other environmental impacts through resource consumption and pollution.  The building construction sector is therefore key for a successful just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies. Buildings need to be designed and used differently to save as much energy and other resources as possible.  To make this shift happen, it requires a workforce with the right skills. Workers’ rights and safety need to be safeguarded. Businesses and entrepreneurs need to be prepared to harness emerging opportunities. Policy-makers need to design frameworks that incentivise green building construction, green business growth and employment creationThe ITCILO Course on “Green construction: Building the future with sustainable jobs” explores the link between green building, sustainability and the creation of green and decent jobs. The course offers opportunities to discuss factors that are essential to ensure that greening of the building construction sector goes hand in hand with the basic principles of the decent work agenda. Become an active part of the move towards a more sustainable building construction sector and get the most out of it for the environment, the economy, and the people.   
Last call, registration closes on 10 June!   Scholarship opportunities are available for qualifying applicants.