Directory of African Arts & Museums 2022

Directory of African Arts & Museums


The comprehensive guide to African Galleries & Museums,

Fine Arts Schools and Colleges, Associations,

Trade Fairs and Publishers worldwide!

This unique reference directory spotlights the entire African Arts and Museum scene worldwide – from museums to public galleries, publishers through to the art trade!

Here you will find information on thousands of art museums, art and antique dealers, public galleries, universities and art associations, auctioneers, restorers, art publishers, art periodicals, art book dealers, and more.

Every entry contains data including institution or business names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, emails, websites, information about specialties, and names of owners, directors, or curators. Within each chapter, addresses are arranged alphabetically by country, alphabetically within each country section, and alphabetically according to city. All listings are in the native language of the country.

Covering all of Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Australasia, the Directory includes:

  • Museums and Public Galleries  
  • Universities, Academies, Schools  
  • Associations  
  • Art and Antique Trade, Numismatics  
  • Art and Antiques Fairs  
  • Galleries  
  • Auctioneers  
  • Restorers  
  • Art Publishers  
  • Art Journals  
  • Antiquarians and Art Booksellers  

For curators, travellers, librarians, academics, lecturers at art schools, students, journalists ,art and antique dealers, auctioneers, book dealers, and anyone else involved in art either professionally or as a pastime, this Directory is your indispensable tool for navigating this vibrant art and museum world.

For those who aren’t interested in buying your own personal copy, make sure that you have access to the directory through your local library.

Book, PDF or CD-Rom Edition

ISBN: 978-1-921892-10-3