CIRIEC – APCE 2022/3

publication 06/09/2022
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Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.93, n°2, 2022
Is it more difficult to replace the volunteer directors of non-profit organizations that have recourse to public funds? Evidence from France / Lionel Prouteau
Punishment mechanisms and cooperation in public goods games: Experimental evidence / Hui-Chun Peng
Co-operative enterprise anti-cyclicality and the economic crisis: A comparative analysis of employment dynamics in Italy / Carlo Borzaga, Chiara Carini, Ermanno Celeste Tortia
Teachers’ views of corporate reputation: Influence on behavioral outcomes / Inocencia María Martínez-León, Isabel Olmedo-Cifuentes (OPEN ACCESS)
Intercooperation, flexicurity and their impact on workers: The case of Fagor Electrodomésticos / Josu Santos-Larrazabal, Imanol Basterretxea (OPEN ACCESS)
Do cooperative banks matter for new business creation? Evidence on Italian manufacturing industry / Mariarosaria Agostino, Lucia Errico, Sandro Rondinella, Francesco Trivieri (OPEN ACCESS)
When ‘uncertainty’ becomes ‘unknown’: Influences of economic uncertainty on the shadow economy / Canh Phuc Nguyen, Thanh Dinh Su
Efficient performance by companies with mixed ownership: Privatization and divestiture of a vertically integrated public monopoly / Sanford V. Berg, Makoto Okamura, Haruka Yane, Shinji Yane
The implications of deteriorating state-owned enterprise performance on the South African economy / Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu, Martin Henseler, Ramos Emmanuel Mabugu, Hélène Maisonnave
Optimal emission taxation and the Porter hypothesis under Bertrand competition / Flavio Delbono, Luca Lambertini
Decentralization and welfare: Evidence from a panel of countries / Tristan Canare
Cooperatives and economic growth in a developing country: The case of Nepal / Ramesh C. Paudel, Chakra Pani Acharya Editor Marco Marini Publisher Wiley 

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