AFD : What are the impacts of the boom in commodity prices on emerging and developing countries and on energy transition?

SAVE THE DATE The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict had the almost immediate consequence of a surge in the world prices of raw materials, whether hydrocarbons, metals or agricultural products. In this context, the rise in the price of fossil fuels, could pave the way for an acceleration of the energy transition at the global level.

In the September 2022 issue of MacroDev-Semestrial Panorama 2022 #2, Agence Française de Développement (AFD) economists provide answers to the questions emerging from the current crisis in a thematic note devoted to commodities. Several country cases illustrate and complete the analysis, making it possible to draw an overall picture of the consequences of such a shock on the economies of developing and emerging countries.

Join the webinar to get expert inputs on these issues from our panelists including :  Thomas Melonio, Executive Director, Innovation, Strategy & Research Department, AFD Ayaan Adam, Senior Director & CEO, AFC Capital, Africa Finance Corporation  Coordinator & authors of the MacroDev Semestrial Panorama Sylvain Bellefontaine, Senior Economist, AFD Maxime Terrieux, Economist, AFD Maëlan Le Goff, Economist, AFD Alix Vigato, Economist, AFD

The webinar will be moderated by Emmanuelle Mansart-Monat, Economist, AFD September 2022 22 1:00 pm (CEST) Conference Webinar

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