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Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.93, n°4, 2022
What do cooperative firms maximize, if at all? Evidence from Emilia-Romagna in the pre-Covid decade / Guido Caselli, Michele Costa, Flavio Delbono
Drivers of depositor discipline in credit unions / Javier Gómez-Biscarri, Germán López-Espinosa, Andrés Mesa-Toro (OPEN ACCESS)
The frontier of social impact finance in the public sector: Theory and two case studies / Leonardo Becchetti, Fabio Pisani, Francesco Salustri, Lorenzo Semplici
Managing goal conflict. The case of agency theory in the policy settings for public–private partnerships; A perspective on citizen and government interests / Sebastian Zwalf
Revenue diversification and municipally owned companies’ role in shaping the debt of municipalities / Anna Białek-Jaworska (OPEN ACCESS)
Intended and unintended effects of specialized regulation on microfinance institutions’ double-bottom line management / Enrico Bellazzecca, Olga Biosca (OPEN ACCESS)
Contractor default: Predictions, politics, and penalties in the procurement process / Stephen P. Ferris, Jan Hanousek, Reza Houston
Investigating the link between social cooperation sector and economic well-being of Italian provinces through the lens of social capital / Giuseppe Terzo
Professional traders’ individual and social preferences under risk: Does group’s wealth matter? / Rocco Caferra, Andrea Morone, Piergiuseppe Morone, Paolo Storelli (OPEN ACCESS)
Firm innovation and local bank efficiency in Italy: Does the type of bank matter? / Cristian Barra, Nazzareno Ruggiero (OPEN ACCESS)
Corruption and tax revenues: Evidence from Italian regions / Salvatore Capasso, Lorenzo Cicatiello, Elina De Simone, Lodovico Santoro
Does governance matter for the public debt–inflation relationship in developed countries? Panel quantile regression approach / Van Bon Nguyen Editor Marco Marini Publisher Wiley 

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