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How to ensure a just and truly sustainable ecological transition that does not jeopardize the poorest countries’ development? Through the strong sustainability approach, AFD offers a new perspective on the construction of development trajectories.To know more : Watch the Motion Design Video «Strong sustainability: reconciling environmental, social and economic objectives» Anddo not forget to register to the online conference !Register to the Research Conference AFD at COP 15 on biodiversity in Montreal

December 7-19

AFD will be present in Montreal at the UN conference on biodiversity during an offsite event at the Business & Finance Journey Odile Conchou, Biodiversity and Finance Advisor at AFD, will recall at this occasion that the protection of biodiversity and its financing are at the heart of COP15. For Odile Conchou « finance is the sinews of war, but you still have to know what you are financing ».To know more : Read the full interview of Odile Conchou  “Every year, $500 Billion  goes to projects that may be destroying nature »
 A look back at COP 27 on the climate in Sharm El Sheikh

AFD and France support Vietnam in its efforts to reduce carbon emissions and in implementing its energy transition

On the occasion of COP27, the AFD signed with Vietnam and France governments a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the bilateral cooperation on the implementation of the reduction of carbon emission and energy transition in Vietnam.Rémy Rioux, AFD CEO, handed over to  Minister of Environment and Natural Resources of Vietnam the two final reports, available below,  on climate change impacts and adaptation based on the results of AFD’s GEMMES Viet Nam research project.COP27: The Mekong Delta Emergency – Climate and Environmental Adaptation Strategies to 2050COP27: National Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation – Final ReportFor more on the this issue have a look at the video by Marie-Noëlle Woillez, researcher at AFD, on the Mekong Delta and its vulnerability to rising sea levels (subtitled in English)
 Proparco Private Sector & Development magazine: latest issue dedicated to climate change adaptation
Proparco, a subsidiary of the AFD Group focused on private sector development,  has released the 38th issue of its Private Sector & Development magazine dedicated to climate change adaptation.Through analyses from experts in the sector (think tanks, donors, entrepreneurs, etc.), this latest issue presents the drivers for action of Development Finance Institutions and the private sector faced with the challenges of the climate crisis.Read the magazine#Development&PublicBanks Inscreasing Academic Research on Public Banks role in Development To be issued on December 12, 2022 
“Development & Public Banks” published by Routledge, co-written by Régis Marodon (AFD), Stephany Griffith-Jones (Columbia University), Louis-Philippe Rochon (Laurentian University) & Jiajun Xu (Institute of New Structural Economics from Peking University), as part of a research program on the development role of Public Development Banks, highlighted during the last Finance in Common Summit in Abidjan on October 2022 (see the video of the research conference below). Read the publication INTERESTING READSLatest Publications A “shared earth” approach to put biodiversity at the heart of the sustainable development in Africa 
Research Paper 265Uzbekistan: Achieving a multidimensional transitionMacroDev Flash n° 44For more information on AFD’s activities in Uzbekistan readthe interview of Vincent Caupin, AFD Director for Central Asia Global biodiversity scenarios: what do they tell us for biodiversity-related socio-economic impacts?
Policy Paper n°12Please note that the final version of this publication will be online in the following weeks.   EVENTS AND CONFERENCESResearch Conversations Climate change and environmental pressures in Vietnam
December 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Over the past 3 years, the GEMMES research project has addressed issues relating to the country’s exposure to the impacts of climate change by 2050.This webinar will highlight the main final results of the project, which were presented in two reports made public during COP27 in Egypt. Discussions will be held in English.Register online to this Webinar
VideoFinance in Common Summit: Feedback on the 3rd research conference in Abidjan
Ahead of the 2022 Finance in Common Summit, a research conference discussed PDBs’ role in national and international finance, their contribution to efforts to fulfill the SDGs, and the work they do, and could do, in Africa. We examine some of the policy recommendations that were discussed.

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Watch the replay of the FICS Research Conference