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general 07/02/2023
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The European Xtramile Centre of African Studies (EXCAS) produces knowledge that is relevant for Africa’s economic development challenges. It goes an extra mile by providing policy makers and the scientific community with quality knowledge products that have largely been peer-reviewed and forthcoming in scientific outlets. Hence, there is a tacit acknowledgement of anonymous referees for constructive suggestions and critiques that have helped improve the content and rigour of the studies published by EXCAS as working papers.

EXCAS notably produces a large number of high quality working papers, some examples of which you will find in the box below.

EXCAS coordinates Africa-related events and scientific collaborations with institutions in Europe and Africa.

EXCAS also has as objective of becoming a premier centre in knowledge production for Africa’s development in Europe.
23/005 Financial development, human capital and energy transition: A global comparative analysis
by Elvis D. Achuo & Pilag B.C. Kakeu & Simplice A. Asongu
23/004 The role of governance in the effect of the internet on financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa
by Armand F. Akpa & Simplice A. Asongu
23/002 Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Africa: Evidence from Governance Synergy
by Awa Traoré & Cheikh T. Ndour & Simplice A. Asongu
22/046 Effects of Taxation on Social Innovation and Implications for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Developing Countries: A Literature Review
by Jean C. Kouam & Simplice A. Asongu
22/094 Natural Resources, Renewable Energy, and Governance: A path towards sustainable development
by Tii N. Nchofoung & Nathanael Ojong

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