publication 14/02/2023
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Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.94, n°1, 2023

Do credit unions have distinct objectives? Evidence from executive compensation structures / Jordan van Rijn,  Shuwei Zeng,  Brent Hueth
Do risk and competition trigger conditional cooperation? Evidence from public good experiments / Angela Stefania Bergantino,  Sara Gil-Gallen,  Andrea Morone (OPEN ACCESS)
Governing a union’s external stakeholders: A prioritization method based on relationship quality and perceived impact / Guillaume Plaisance (OPEN ACCESS)
The role of transformational leadership and leaders’ skills for new agricultural cooperatives in post-soviet countries / Jiri Hejkrlik,  Petra Chaloupkova,  Tetyana Sokolska
Determinants of women’s financial inclusion: Evidence from India / Suresh Govindapuram,  Samyukta Bhupatiraju,  Rahul A. Sirohi
Do mergers really increase output? Evidence from English hospitals / Vanessa Cirulli,  Giorgia Marini (OPEN ACCESS)
Human development and decentralization: The importance of public health expenditure / Ronald Miranda-Lescano,  Leonel Muinelo-Gallo,  Oriol Roca-Sagalés (OPEN ACCESS)
Neither market nor hierarchy—coordination costs in the allocation of track capacity in the Swedish railway network / Gunnar Alexandersson,  Matts Andersson,  Anders Bondemark,  Staffan Hultén (OPEN ACCESS)
The entanglement of time and cost deviations in public projects / Francisco Pinheiro Catalão,  Carlos Oliveira Cruz,  Joaquim Miranda Sarmento
Entry decision of a vertically integrated foreign firm with downstream subsidization and upstream privatization / Chuyuan Zhang,  Sang-Ho Lee
Can tax regulations moderate revenue diversification and reduce financial distress in nonprofit organizations? / Isabel Abínzano,  Francisco J. López-Arceiz,  Idoia Zabaleta (OPEN ACCESS)
Emission taxes for genuine altruistic firms / Giorgos N. Diakoulakis,  Athanasios Kampas Editor Marco Marini Publisher Wiley 

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