15/3 AFD Invitation Research conversations : Colombia: Implementing structural reforms to address the great challenge of inequality

This project is part of the Inequality Research Facility Extension.
Colombia is a country that has grown in terms of GDP in recent years and today is part of the OECD countries. It is, however, a country with great challenges and one of them, if not the main one, is the reduction of inequalities, which are overwhelming depending on how they are calculated.

During this webinar and thanks to the diagnostic made for Colombia, we will take a look at different areas (income, education, public services, regions, etc.) from the perspective of inequalities, which will allow us to see where there has been significant progress as well as where there is still room for improvement.

In this context, we will also look back at the recently adopted tax reform, and through a tax incidence analysis, examine the potential of the reform to reduce inequalities.March 2023153:00 pm (CET)Webinar
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