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IntroductionOpen AccessEvaluating Research for Development: Innovation to Navigate ComplexityMarina Apgar, Mieke Snijder, Grace Lyn Higdon, Sylvia Szabo» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue Article
Cost–Benefit Analysis (CBA) or the Highway? An Alternative Road to Investigating the Value for Money of International Development ResearchHeidi Peterson» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue Article
Laying the Foundations for Impact: Lessons from the GCRF EvaluationIsabel Vogel, Chris Barnett» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue Article
Theory of Change in Complex Research for Development Programmes: Challenges and Solutions from the Global Challenges Research FundSarah Chapman, Adiilah Boodhoo, Carren Duffy, Suki Goodman, Maria Michalopoulou» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue ArticleOpen AccessRevealing the Relational Mechanisms of Research for Development Through Social Network AnalysisMarina Apgar, Guillaume Fournie, Barbara Haesler, Grace Lyn Higdon, Leah Kenny, Annalena Oppel, Evelyn Pauls, Matthew Smith, Mieke Snijder, Daan Vink, Mazeda Hossain» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue ArticleOpen AccessHow are Research for Development Programmes Implementing and Evaluating Equitable Partnerships to Address Power Asymmetries?Mieke Snijder, Rosie Steege, Michelle Callander, Michel Wahome, M. Feisal Rahman, Marina Apgar, Sally Theobald, Louise J. Bracken, Laura Dean, Bintu Mansaray, Prasanna Saligram, Surekha Garimella, Sophia Arthurs-Hartnett, Robinson Karuga, Adriana Elizabeth Mejía Artieda, Victoria Chengo, Joanes Ateles» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue ArticleOpen AccessEvaluating the Contribution of Complex International Research-for-Development Programmes to the Sustainable Development GoalsArlene Lu-Gonzales, Takuji W. Tsusaka, Sylvia Szabo, Reuben M. J. Kadigi, Camilla Blasi Foglietti, Seree Park, Zoe Matthews» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue Article
Impact Weaving: An Approach to Strengthening the Plausibility of Anticipated AR4D Impact PathwaysGenowefa Blundo-Canto, Gonzalo Rodríguez-Borray, Ángela-Rocío Vásquez-Urriago, María-Margarita Ramírez-Gómez, Gregorio Zambrano-Moreno, Leidy Tibaduiza-Castañeda, Bellanid Huertas-Carranza, Adriana Santacruz-Castro, Beatriz-Elena Agudelo-Chocontá, Guillaume Soullier, Claudio Proietti, Andrés-Daniel Mejía-Mejía, Marie Ferré, Aurelle de Romemont» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF
Special Issue Article
Using Outcome Trajectory Evaluation to Assess HarvestPlus’ Contribution to the Development of National Biofortification Breeding ProgramsBoru Douthwaite, Nancy Johnson, Amanda Wyatt» Abstract » Full text HTML   » Full text PDF

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