12/07 [Invitation] AFD Research conversations : Enhancing the Management of Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia

Which policies and governance are needed to reduce poverty and inequality in Indonesia’s marine protected areas?  
  Despite Indonesia’s extensive coastline and significant capture fisheries production, poverty rates in its coastal areas remain high.

July 2023 12 10:00 am (CET)

There have been numerous regulations aimed at harnessing marine resources for public welfare, sustainable management of coastal zones, and community involvement in marine protected areas (MPAs). However, empirical evidence suggests a disparity between these legal provisions and the actual welfare of coastal communities. This raises questions about the effectiveness of these regulations in improving livelihoods, reducing poverty, and reducing inequality among the coastal population.
The SMERU Institute conducted a quantitative and qualitative analysis, using data collected in three MPAs, through in-depth interviews and in national surveys. This work explores the factors explaining welfare disparities and the potential for alternative livelihoods, and discusses the policies and governance of maritime development and conservation in Indonesia.
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