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Ciriec publicationPUBLICATION
Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.94, n°3, 2023
Farmers’ Organizations and Sustainable DevelopmentEdited by Wanglin Ma, Marco A. Marini, Dil B. Rahut
Farmers’ organizations and sustainable development: An introduction / Wanglin Ma,  Marco A. Marini, Dil B. Rahut (OPEN ACCESS)
Impact of farmer group participation on the adoption of sustainable farming practices—spatial analysis of New Zealand dairy farmers / Wei Yang, Le Wang (OPEN ACCESS)
Cooperative membership and new technology adoption of family farms: Evidence from China / Fang Wu, Xibao Guo, Xia Guo
The role of farmer cooperatives in promoting environmentally sustainable agricultural development in China: A review / Qiao Liang, Kangwei Ma, Wenhao Liu
Yield effects of agricultural cooperative membership in developing countries: A meta-analysis / Wanglin Ma, Sanghyun Hong, W. Robert Reed, Jianhua Duan, Phong Luu (OPEN ACCESS)
Do outsourcing services provided by agricultural cooperatives affect technical efficiency? Insights from tobacco farmers in China / Junying Lin, Songqing Jin,  Hongdong Guo (OPEN ACCESS)
Impact of cooperative membership on market performance of Nepali goat farmers / Huma Neupane, Krishna P. Paudel, Qinying He
Does agricultural cooperative membership influence off-farm work decisions of farm couples? / Hongyun Zheng, Puneet Vatsa, Wanglin Ma, Dil Bahadur Rahut (OPEN ACCESS)
Women self-help groups and intra-household decision-making in agriculture / Subash Surendran Padmaja, Aditya Korekallu Srinivasa, Pooja Trivedi, Kondapi Srinivas (OPEN ACCESS)
Female leadership, internet use, and performance of agricultural cooperatives in Vietnam / Trung Thanh Nguyen, Manh Hung Do, Dil B. Rahut, Viet Hung Nguyen,  Panharoth Chhay (OPEN ACCESS)
False prosperity: Rethinking government support for farmers’ cooperatives in China / Feifei Chen, Zhigang Xu, Yufeng Luo
Co-creation of business models for smallholder forest farmers’ organizations: Lessons learned from rural Ethiopia and Tanzania / Kendisha Soekardjo Hintz, Jürgen Pretzsch (OPEN ACCESS)
Sustainable finance: The role of savings and credit cooperatives in Ecuador / María Jesús Segovia-Vargas, I. Marta Miranda-García, Freddy Alejandro Oquendo-Torres (OPEN ACCESS)
Cross-border cooperation: A response to the challenges facing agri-food cooperatives in Southern European countries / Elena Meliá-Martí, Deolinda Meira, José Corberá Martínez, Rui Bertuzi (OPEN ACCESS)
(Farmer) Producer Companies in India as new generation cooperatives: Case studies of performance and impact from West Bengal, India / Sukhpal SinghEditorMarco MariniPublisherWiley