EADI eNewsletter #10/1 2023 | The Post-2030 Agenda, Tax Expenditures & More

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 1st Issue October 2023
EditorialToday we are proud to announce that one of our Vice-Presidents, Iliana Olivié from the Elcano Royal Institute in Spain, has been appointed as Director of the European Thinktanks Group ETTG. And it’s also her who has written today’s blogpost which, on the example of Spain, analyses the possible impact of a greater polarization in Europe on the future of development agendas beyond the SDGs. And, of course, we’d like to encourage you to register for our upcoming distinguished guest lectures which offer first-hand insights and new perspectives on topics of broader interest to the community. And today’s featured members have also  interesting events coming up. Have a look!
From our Blog
Domestic politics and global development. What to expect from Spain in the construction of the post-2030 Agenda »In the event of a greater political polarization in Europe, the region currently championing for multilateralism and global development agendas on poverty, climate change, or health could end up with no clear proposals on global development, jeopardising the very continuity of development agendas ». Iliana Olivié discusses what recent and projected developments in the political landscape of Spain could mean for the post-2030 agenda. Read the postTo the blog overview

Upcoming EADI events
Remaking the urban in the peripheries: resettlement colonies and differential inclusion in India
31 October, 11:00 CET (online)
Redefining the social geographies and institutional practices of urban marginality, with Karen CoelhoRegister

Latin America and its challenges under the new and disputed global order
14 November, 15:00 CET (online):
Bringing Latin American structuralism to the forefront, with Víctor Ramiro FernándezRegister

Use or misuse? The emerging global challenge of data authoritarianism
16 November, 18:00 CET, Bonn (on site):
EADI/IDOS/CASSIS-Bonn 2023 Megatrend LectureRegister

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Highlight: Global Tax Expenditures
As part of the Tax Expenditures Lab, a joint project by the Council on Economic Policies and our long-standing Premium member IDOS, this flagship report highlights that systematic evaluations of tax expenditures are critical for policymakers to ensure public resources are used efficiently. Shifts in the global tax regime make this an even more urgent  task. Transparency is a necessary first step in that direction. With countries worldwide under pressure to safeguard fiscal space, a review of tax expenditures is moving up on policy agendas around the globe. Read more

Highlight: Why Some Development Works
Why Some Development Works. Understanding SuccessMeera Tiwari’s book is now open access! She looks at both macro and, the less known, micro success stories and considers what enabled these projects to bring change in some of the world’s most deprived communities. Using case studies from countries across Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Tiwari’s innovative approach offers a multi-layered understanding of poverty which provides insights into causal, enabling and impeding factors. 
Read more
Featured EADI Members:
DSA UK and DSA IrelandThe Development Studies Association (DSA) is our counterpart in the UK, It runs an engaged Global South study group which organises webinars, mentorships and other activities. Membership is free for people from and working in the Global South. The DSA have just announced the theme for their 2024 conference which is “Social justice and development in a polarising world: rights and representation; redistribution and restoration; reproduction and production.”08 November, 12.30 UK Time:
DSA Webinar on climate and development financeThis webinar which aims at finding synergies between climate and development finance to reduce poverty and emissions resonates well with our recent blog series on debt-based finance instruments and the green transition. Four panellists will discuss possible opportunities for climate and development actors to work together. 
Read more and register
The Development Studies Association of Ireland (DSA Ireland)  is looking forward to its annual flagship conference end of this month. Titled « Territories of Technology, Innovation and Development« , it will examine positive and negative impacts of information and communication technologies on achieving the SDGs. The conference takes place on 25 and 26 October, and registration is still open. 
Thematic Focus: Gender
Exploring Female-headed Households’ Sanitation Needs, Tasikmalaya
Elaine Mercer – Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

The gender inequality effects of the COVID‐19 pandemic on the Nigerian labor market
Stephan Dietrich et al. – UNU Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology UNU-MERIT

Exploring Sustainability in Parliamentary Gender Equality Work. Insights from the Swedish Riksdag
NORA: Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research – Erikson et al – Department of Government Uppsala University

More Than a Label, Less Than a Revolution: Sweden’s Feminist Foreign Policy
Ann Towns, Elin Bjarnegård, Katarzyna Jezierska – Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA)Rural women’s legal empowerment through digital technology
Robert Okello – African Studies Centre Leiden (ASCL)

The relationship between economic development and female labour force participation: micro-level evidence from Mexico
Isaac López-Moreno Flore – Global Development Institute (GDI)

The Gangster and the Bride: The Media Representation of Masculinity and Femininity in News Coverage of Jihadi Terrorists
Terrorism and Political Violence – Michael Krona, Olivia Caskey – School of Arts and Communication, University Malmö (K3)

Returns to education and wage inequality in Namibia. A gendered analysis
Obrein Muine Samahiya, Ebenezer Lemven Wirba – United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)
 Premium Members Publication Picks
When My Brown Got Colored: Living through/in the Times of White and Brahmanical Supremacy
Meridians – Sreerekha Sathi – International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)

Human Rights in German Development Policy. Part 2: Implementation and Effectiveness of the Human Rights-Based Approach in the Area of Action « Private Sector and Financial System Development »
Jan Tobias Polak, Angela Heucher, Lea Smidt, Lena Taube – German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval)

The politics of soft law: progress and pitfall of the global compact for safe, orderly, and regular migration
Frontiers in Human Dynamics – Vincent Chetail – The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)

A Postcolonial Reading of EU Citizenship of Roma: Case Study of Roma as Abject EU Citizens in Flanders
Fien Van Hauwermeiren – Ghent Centre for Global Studies (GCGS – UGent)

Buying Taiwan? The Limitations of Mainland Chinese Cross-Strait Direct Investments as a Tool of Economic Statecraft
The China Quarterly – Chun-Yi Lee, Jan Knoerich – Department of International Development King’s College London (DID)

Price-making in mineral provisioning systems and social-ecological transformation? The cases of copper, cobalt and lithium
Cornelia Staritz, Bernhard Tröster, Aleksandra Wojewska – Austrian Foundation for Development Research (ÖFSE)

Poverty and Prejudice: Religious Inequality and the Struggle for Sustainable Development
Open access book – Mariz Tadros, Philip Mader, Kathryn Cheeseman – Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

China’s role in African sovereign debt: Implications for Europe
Karim Karaki – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

Subverting the Constitution and Curtailing Civil Society. Angola’s New Law on NGOs
Catarina Antunes Gomes, Cesaltina Abreu, Margareth Nangacovie, Inge Amundsen – Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Just transitions and resilience in contexts of conflict and fragility: the need for a transformative approach
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability – Erin McCandless, Alexia Faus Onbargi – German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS)
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Call for Day Zero events 2024, SDG Conference Bergen, 07 February 2024
Deadline: 15 November 2023 – UiB Global University of Bergen

The UN SDGs: What progress? What impact? What next? EJDR special issue – call for papers
Deadline: 31 December 2023 – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI)

Appel à contributions pour la rubrique Figures du développement: « Revue internationale des études du développement »
Deadline: not stated – Sorbonne Development Studies Institute (IEDES)
See more calls on the EADI website

Towards a UN Tax Convention?
Sabine Laudage Teles, Christian von Haldenwang – German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS)

From Niger’s coup to the Sahel’s jihadist threat: A complex path ahead for the EU
Kawsar Laanani – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM)

South Caucasus, in the shadow of Ukraine
Siri Neset, Arne Strand – Chr.Michelsen Institute (CMI)

Decolonization in Evaluation Week: Knowledge asymmetries and struggles for space: Towards a decolonial turn in the evaluation of ‘development’ and ‘conservation’ programmes
Linda Khumalo, Gert Van Hecken – Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp (IOB)

Rishi Sunak’s ‘homage to catatonia’
Tim Jackson – Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP)

Exploring Ukraine’s displacement crisis: insights and implications
Catherine Meredith Catherine Meredith – Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House (ODID)

Climate change, youth mobility and inequalities: Short-sighted policies are no remedy for climate-related migration
Cecilia Menjivar & Ninna Nyberg Sørensen – Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)

International financial institutions’ reform: where do we stand?
Élise Dufief & Sébastien Treyer – Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales (IDDRI)
Understanding Sustainable Value Capture for Ghana’s Cocoa Farmers on the Cocoa-Chocolate Value Chain
Kwame Asamoah Kwarteng & Emefa Tonorgbevi Awuku – Global Development Institute (GDI)

Building resilient cities with the resilience of informal workers
Sonia Dias – International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Cascading climate risks are a threat Latin America must take seriously
Will Nichols – OECD Development Centre OECD/DC

South Korea-NATO cybersecurity cooperation: learning to work together in the face of common threats
Ramón Pacheco Pardo – Real Instituto Elcano

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Call for applications for the Shaping Futures Academy 2024
Application deadline: 15 November 2024 – German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS)

Fully-funded studentship: Creative, arts-based, psychosocial approaches within international development contexts
Application deadline: 09 January 2024 – The Centre for the Study of Global Development, Open University (CSGD & OU)

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Associate Professor of Ecological Macroeconomics
Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University (RUC) – Deadline: 20 October 2023

UNU-WIDER Internship Programme
United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) – Deadline: 22 October 2023

Economist (f/m/diverse) “World Economy and Development Economics”
German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) – Deadline: 23 October 2023

PhD candidate Circular sanitation business models
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft) – Deadline: 27 October 2023

Teaching Fellow in Social Ontology and International Political Economy
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) – Deadline: 27 October 2023

Researcher (f/m/diverse), “World Economy and Development Economics”
German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) – Deadline: 29 October 2023

PhD candidate:  »Careful groundwater governance: Combining irrigation with agroecology”
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft) – Deadline: 29 October 2023

Assistant or Associate Professor in Green Finance
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Maastricht (FASOS) – Deadline: 29 October 2023

Postdoctoral Researcher, Social Sciences
Masters’ Programme in Development, Education and International Cooperation (DEICO) – Deadline: 29
October 2023

PhD Candidate in Financing Climate Resilient Water Utilities
IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft) – Deadline: 01 November 2023

Associate Professor of Global and Development Studies focused on African security and climate change adaptation
Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University (RUC) – Deadline: 01 November 2023

Professor of International Development Economics
Department of International Development King’s College London (DID) – Deadline: 03 December 2023

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