[beta] Save the date! Second AICC Conference June 17-18, 2024, Strasbourg

Dear colleagues, dear students, dear all,

We’re thrilled to unveil the upcoming AICC (Action versus Inaction facing Climate Change) conference, scheduled to take place in Strasbourg on June 17 and 18, 2024. This second installment will feature an enhanced format, serving as a concise yet impactful complement to our inaugural conference (September 29, 2023 in Paris). Mark your calendars for June 17 and 18, 2024, and join us in driving meaningful messages on addressing climate change.

The first day will be hosted in an iconic and prestigious venue in Strasbourg. We will provide a platform for esteemed scholars deeply rooted in their respective fields, offering a forum for the exchange of valuable insights and expertise. Speakers include  Franck Lecocq, AgroParisTech (France), head of CIRED and member of IPCC, Moshe Ben-Akiva, MIT (USA), Marc Fleurbaey, Paris School of Economics (France), Robin Lindsey, University of British Colombia (Canada) and Stef Proost, KULeuven (Belgium).

The second day will be hosted at the University of Strasbourg. There will be one keynote plenary lecture and parallel sessions. The official call for papers will be sent in the coming weeks. We welcome contributions in any field related to climate change.

Each session will be organized on a given topic and will gather contributions from at least three different disciplines.

Poster sessions will also be organized on both days.

Fees will be

– 150€ for both days, including lunches and coffee breaks

– 100€ for only one day, lunch and coffee breaks

– An optional gala dinner is organized June 17 (50€)

–  Free for PhD and other students from the organizing universities (UdS, UHA, CYU). 50% discount for other students.

Attendance is limited to 200 persons.

As last year, we will post most oral presentations and posters on our Youtube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/@AICC-academia. Most recordings of first AICC conference (September 29, 2023) are already available.

Nathalie Picard, head of the organizing Committee, on behalf of the local and international Organizing Committee of 2nd  AICC Conference

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