03/04  [Invitation] AFD Research conversations: Innovation for strong sustainability trajectories

Navigating the Path to Resilience. 
 The webinar will explore the role of innovation in achieving strong sustainability, focusing on the integration of innovative capacity with macroeconomic sustainability objectives.

It will present the results of studies carried out in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI),  identifying  potential relationships between macroeconomic variables that are mediated by innovation processes in developing and emerging economies, and introducing indicators to evaluate strong sustainability within a framework that emphasizes conserving natural capital to preserve ecosystem functions and support human well-being in sustainable development efforts.

The webinar will share actionable strategies for leveraging innovation in the pursuit of strong sustainability, highlighting the critical role of innovative capacity in fostering a resilient future.April 2024032:30 pm (CET)Webinar
Speakers:Antoine GODIN, Head of the GEMMES macroeconomic modeling unit, Agence Française de DéveloppementEric KEMP-BENEDICT, Research Fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and Associate Professor of Ecological Economics at the University of LeedsEmily GHOSH, Researcher on energy modelling & planning at the Equitable Transitions program, Stockholm Environment Institute
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