[EADI] eNewsletter #10/3 2020 | Covid 19 in the South, Technologial Development & more


At the moment we are busy preparing this year’s research communications workshop for communication professionals at our member institutes, which will place in the end of next week. It is the first time that we are holding a networking event online, and we honestly hope that our exchanges will be as sparkling and inspiring as in our previous face-to-face meetings! We also hope that you won’t want to miss out our next virtual dialogues: Liliana Miranda will explain how poor rural communities in Peru were able to achieve very low Covid 19 death and infection rates, and Joyeeta Gupta will demonstrate that we can no longer address development without taking environmental issues into account. Our thematic focus today is on technological development, and we have two highlights for you: an open access book and an online event; both in relation to Covid 19 and the Global South.
From our Blog: Supply Chain Act as a First Step
The 2030 turn in German Development Policy – An Opportunity to Fundamentally Challenge Global Inequalities?
In their latest opinion piece, Tanja Verena Matheis and Adrian Schlegel ask whether the new German development policy is « anywhere near allowing to address persistent socio-economic inequalities that the system of development cooperation claims to alleviate? », and conclude: « In the context of an international cooperation that aims at addressing systemic inequalities, a “Supply Chain Act” can be a first step in holding businesses accountable in their countries of origin, where jurisprudence and civil society can work together to prosecute violations and misconduct. Eventually such shifts within policies must go hand in hand with a larger transformation of cooperation as such: unlearning colonial mindsets and deconstructing the northern hegemony within institutional structures in order to collectively build more equitable, reciprocal ties in international cooperation » Read the post
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Upcoming EADI Virtual Dialogues
Communities’ Responses in Peru, 3 November, 15.00 CET
In Peru the pandemic is hitting urban populations hard, deepening profound inequalities and revealing the fragility of public policies. Lack of urban planning and social housing policies result in illnesses, deaths and economic losses. At the same time, social organization, and peasant communities in particular, are teaching a lesson on how to respond and protect themselves.
Millions of extremely poor inhabitants from big cities have returned to their land and birthplace, mostly rural communities in the Andeans. Even so, those communities are showing the lowest infection and death rates. How did they do it? Read more and register
« Inclusive Development » with Professor Joyeeta Gupta, 11 November, 14.00 CET
We are excited to have gained the wonderful Joyeeta Gupta from the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) to demonstrate that we can no longer address development without taking environmental issues into account – not least because 70% of the world’s poor depend directly on the environment for their livelihoods and because the impacts of ecological disasters, whether creeping or sudden, affect them the most. Furthermore, social inclusiveness is not just about pro-poor policies, but also about questioning the concentration of wealth, resources, and power. Read more and register
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Latest Virtual Dialogues to watch online
Lockdown challenges for land reform beneficiaries: South Africa
Watch Nkanyiso Gumede from the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape discuss how support and relief aimed to mitigate the impact of Covid 19 for farmers and land reform beneficiaries must be relevant and based on a thorough consultation with those it targets. Watch the video
Domestic Workers’ Activism during the Pandemic Crisis in Latin America
Listen to Louisa Acciari from the UCL Centre for Gender and Disaster show that domestic workers’ unions have undertaken remarkable actions to support their members, and can be considered a leading example of resilience and human solidarity in times of crisis. Watch the video
Latest Open Access Articles in the EJDR
  • Destinations Matter: Social Policy and Migrant Workers in the Times of Covid Read
  • Modeling a Pandemic (COVID-19) Management Strategy for Urban Slums Using Social Geometry Framework Read
  • Needs and Satisfiers: A Tool for Dealing with Perspectivity in Policy Analysis
  • The Interaction of Private and Public Governance: The Case of Sustainability Standards for Palm Oil Read
  • Work and Rural Livelihoods: The Micro Dynamics of Africa’s ‘Youth Employment Crisis’ Read
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Highlight: Global Inequalities and Covid 19
Four Online Dialogues, 13 and 14 November
Three of our Austrian members cordially invite you to the webET2020 online dialogue « „Global inequalities in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic“. No doubt: Covid 19 exacerbates inequalities. The poorest population groups in all parts of the world, who lead a hand-to-mouth existence even in “normal times”, have been driven into hunger and hardship by the abrupt shutdown of the economies. Authoritarian regimes abuse the measures against the pandemic to oppress progressive political forces. With our guests from Brazil, Peru, Kenia, South Africa, Uganda and India we will discuss the effects of covid-19 on global inequalities and regional differences. Read more and register
Highlight: Open Access Book: Covid 19 in the South
Situating the worldwide health crisis within broader processes of globalisation, the book by the Development Studies Association Ireland investigates implications for development and gender, as well as the effects on migration, climate change and economic inequality. Contributors consider how widespread and long-lasting responses to the pandemic should be, while paying particular attention to the accentuated risks faced by vulnerable populations. Providing answers that will be essential to development practitioners and policy makers, the book offers vital insights into how the impact of COVID-19 can be mitigated in some of the most challenging socio-economic contexts worldwide. Read more
Thematic Focus: Technological Development
New Technologies and Digitisation: Opportunities and Challenges for the Social Economy and Social Enterprises
2020/10 – United Nations University, Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT); research paper; Author(s): Gagliardi, D. et al.

The Urban Data Justice Case Study Collection
2020/10 – Global Development Institute (GDI); research paper; Author(s): Richard Heeks et al.

The Digital Great Leap Forward Mapping China’s 21st Century Attempt to Create a New Growth Model
2020/10 – Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS); Acta Oeconomica, Volume 70, Issue S, pp.95-115; Author(s): Ágnes Szunomár

Does Value Chain Participation Facilitate the Adoption of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Developing Countries?
2020/10 – United Nations University, Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT); briefing paper; Author(s): Michele Delera, Carlo Pietrobelli, Elisa Calza & Alejandro Lavopa

A Blockchain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link: Transparency and Artisanal Gold (PDF)
2020/10 – ETH Zürich, Centre for Development and Cooperation (NADEL); Author(s): Antoinette van der Merwe

Premium Members Publication Picks
Evidence Gap and Intervention Heat Maps of Climate Change Adaptation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries,
2020/10 – Deutsches Evaluierungsinstitut, der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit gGmbH (DEval); research paper; Author(s): Nathalie Doswald et al.

Populist Politics and Pandemics: Some Simple Analytics
2020/10 – ISS Working Paper Series / General Series; Author(s): Murshed, Syed

Rice Trade and Value Chain Development in West Africa: An Approach for More Coherent Policies.
2020/10 – European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM); research paper; Author(s): Fabien Tondel et al

New Narratives and Actors for Citizen-Led Energy Poverty Dialogues
2020/10 – Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability, University of Twente (CSTM); briefing paper; Author(s): Mariëlle Henriëtte Feenstra; Sergio Tirado Herrero

Handbook on Inequality Measurement for Country Studies
2020/10 – Agence Française de Développement (AFD); research paper; Author(s): Muna Shifa, Vimal Ranchhod

The Socionature That Neo-Extractivism Can See: Practicing Redistribution and Compensation Around Large-Scale Mining in the Southern Ecuadorian Amazon (PDF)
2020/10 – Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Noragric); Political Geography 82 (2020); Author(s): Esben Leifsen

Unprecedented but Not Unpredictable: Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Commodity-Dependent Countries
2020/10 – Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE); The European Journal of Development Research; Author(s): Bernhard Tröster & Karin Küblböck

Humanitarianism and Religious Inequalities: Addressing a Blind Spot (PDF)
2020/10 – Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; research paper; Author(s): Jeremy Allouche, Harriet Hoffler and Jeremy Lind

School Feeding Programmes, Education and Food Security in Rural Malawi
2020/10 – Graduate Institute (IHEID); research paper; Author(s): Manea, Roxana Elena

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Call for Papers: Special Edition on Science, Politics, and Public Policy After the COVID-19, Deadline Extended
2020/10 – Centro de Administração e Políticas Públicas (CAPP); Deadline: 31 December 2020

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Open Online Activities
Online Symposium on Quality Infrastructure Investment – OECD
2 November 2020, 12.30 CET; OECD Development Centre (OECD/DC);

Online and Onsite Symposium: One Health and Urban Transformation Symposium
3 November 2020, 10:00 – 16:00 CET; International Centre for Sustainable Development (IZNE)

Online Seminar: School Gardens and Healthy Eating in Low-Income Countries: What Does the Evidence Show?
3 November, 14.00 CET; International Security and Development Center (ISDC);

Feminist Ecologies & Coloniality of the Body
3 November, 19.00 CET; Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp (IOB);

Online Conference: The Visible Hand: Development Banks in Transition
3-5 November (Academic Days);  9-10 November (Open Discussion Days); Foundation pour les Etudes et Recherches sur le Développement International (FERDI);

Online Session: Decolonising Europe #9: Sovereignty and Political Authority
4 November, 16.00 CET; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Online Panel Discussion: The US: A New Age of Reconstruction?
4 November, 18,30 CET; Graduate Institute (IHEID);

Online Event: Gender, Peace and Security
04 November, 15:00 CET; Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS);

Online Event: The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Fatal Blown to Multilateralism?
4 November 2020, 17.00 CET; Centro Dipartementale di Studi Storici e Politici su Africa e Medio Oriente, University of Bologna (UNIBO);

Online Seminar: Reflections on Public Health System Responses During Covid-19 in Low-and Middle-Income Countries
4 November, 13:00 GMT+1; Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre, University of York

Online Seminar: China and Global Governance in a Post-Covid World
5 November, 09:00 CET; Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo (SUM)

Virtual Symposium: Urban Interventions: Engaging With Climate Transformations in Cities
5 November, 09:30 CET; UiB Global, University of Bergen;

Online Event – Municipalize Europe! Transformative Municipalities, the Corona Crisis Recovery and the European Green Deal
05 November; Transnational Institute (TNI);

Online Talk: Becoming More Authoritarian? Myanmar Ahead of the November 2020 Elections
5 November, 15.00 CET; German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA);

Online Lecture: Great Thinkers: Nanke Verloo Presents Chantal Mouffe
5 November, 15.30 CET; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR)

Gendered Perspectives of the Ghana Elections 2020
09 November, 14:30 CET; Nordic Africa Institute (NAI);

Colonial Spatialities and Contestation in the City
10. November 2020 – 19.00 CET; Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp (IOB);

Online Panel: After the US Presidential Elections
10 November, 16.00 CET; Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research (AISSR);

Online Event: Japan After Abe
10 November, 17:00 CET; Centre for Development and the Environment, University of Oslo (SUM)

Online Seminar: François Roubaud and Isabelle Guérin on COVID-19 and the Role of RCTs in Development
10 November, 16:00 UTC+2; United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER);

Online Workshop: Social Unrest and Violent Conflict in Times of Pandemicsedit “Online Workshop: Social Unrest and Violent Conflict in Times of Pandemics”
10-11 November; International Security and Development Center (ISDC)

Virtual Brown Bag Seminar Can Refugees Save the World? Post-Development Approaches to Livelihood From Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon
11 November, 12:00 EET; Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Helsinki;

Online Event: Migrants and Refugees Facing Covid-19: UK and Global Concerns
11 November 2020, 16.00 GMT; Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre, University of York;

Online Seminar: « Acting in Good Faith »: Reproductive Governance and Population Policies in India
11 November, 16:00 GMT; International Development Department, University of Birmingham (IDD)

Introduction to Special Issue: Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Reintegration
12 November 2020, 16:00 CET; United Nations University, Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT)

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Job Offer: Communications Officer With a Focus on Design, Text Editing and Publications Coordination
Nordic Africa Institute (NAI); Deadline: 01 November

Research Assistant (INGOV Project)
Red Española de Estudios del Desarrollo (REEDES); Deadline: 5 November

Director African Studies Centre Leiden / Full Professor
African Studies Centre (ASC); Deadline: 17 November

Senior Tutor
Global Development Institute (GDI); Deadline: 25 November

Postdoctoral Researcher – Development Economicsrelated to Food, Agriculture, and Rural Change (PDF)
Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung (ZEF); Deadline: 30 November 2020

Research Assistant (80-100%)
ETH Zürich, Centre for Development and Cooperation (NADEL); Deadline: 01. December

PostDoc (80-100%) in Development Economics
ETH Zürich, Centre for Development and Cooperation (NADEL); Deadline: 05. December

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Postgraduate Diploma in International Development
Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI)

Postgraduate Diploma International Development, Part Time (also distance-learning option)
Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI)

Master in International Development
Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI)

MA International Develoment, Part Time (also distance-learning option)
Maynooth University Social Science Institute (MUSSI)

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Blog: What Does a More Assertive European Parliament Mean for EU Development Policy?
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Blog: Branding in the COVID-19 Pandemic
2020/10 – Copenhagen Business School, Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (IKL); blog post; Author(s): Maha Rafi Atal & Lisa Ann Richey

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2020/10 – Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton; blog post; Author(s): Saurabh Arora, Andy Stirling

Blog: Data for Better Policies
2020/10 – United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER); blog post; Author(s): Kyle McNabb

Blog: Home as a Site for Civil Society and Global Development
2020/10 – Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID); blog post; Author(s): Sarah Peck

Blog: Bombing to the Rythm of Drums: How Music Videos Have Become a Technology of War
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