SEN #1 December 2020

The ‘Social Economy News’ is a service provided by CIRIEC-Spain in partnership with CIRIEC-International.
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Alain Arnaud, President of CIRIEC-International, President of CIRIEC-France
José Luis Monzón Campos, Vice President of CIRIEC-International, Director of CIRIEC-Spain and of Social Economy News

CIRIEC-Spain and CIRIEC-International, together with all the national and collective sections that wish to join this project, are launching this Electronic European Social Economy Information Bulletin, « Social Economy News », with the main aim of capturing the most relevant information on the European social economy (cooperatives, mutual societies, associations and foundations) and disseminating it on-line by means of a Newsletter, whose medium-term goal is to reach 50,000 subscribers.

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Greeting from the Minister of Labour and Social Economy of the Government of Spain

Yolanda Díaz Pérez

It is an honour for me, as Minister of Employment and Social Economy, to welcome, within the framework of the activities of the European Social Economy Capital of Toledo 2020, the launch of the first issue of the newsletter ‘Social Economy News’ and to address to its readers.

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Acredited signature

Juan Antonio Pedreño, President of Social Economy Europe

Congratulations to Ciriec for the launch of Social Economy News which will be an essential means to improve the visibility and knowledge of the Social Economy community.

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Eighteen countries sign the Toledo Declaration to promote the social Economy in the European Union

Eighteen countries of the European Union (EU) have signed the Toledo Declaration on Social Economy, which is based on seven axes aimed at promoting this development model, which will contribute to overcoming the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The signing took place on 4th December at the high-level meeting on the Social Economy in the European Union, which was held in Toledo (Spain), European capital of the Social Economy 2020, under the slogan ‘The Social Economy for an inclusive, sustainable and fair recovery’.

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Social Economy Europe celebrates the Toledo Meeting as the event in which the Social Economy has been most strongly supported

At the Meeting, social economy actors were also recognised and supported by international bodies such as the ILO and the OECD.

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Towards the European Social Economy Summit, Mannheim 2021

The European Social Economy Summit, initially scheduled for November this year in Mannheim (Germany), has been rescheduled for 26 and 27 May 2021. Organised by the European Commission, the summit aims to strengthen the social economy in Europe and take advantage of its contribution to economic development, social inclusion and ecological and digital transitions.

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ILO celebrates 100 years of its Cooperatives Unit with a Symposium on Social Economy, Social Justice and Decent Work

Held virtually, the symposium highlighted the contribution of cooperatives and the social and solidarity economy (SSE) in promoting social justice, decent work and sustainable development. During the two-day virtual event, participants, researchers and practitioners, reflected on legal and policy frameworks, statistics creation, governance, sustainability, platform economy and the challenges of the future of work, among other topics.

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Research and studies

Call for papers for the ‘VIII CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy’ – San José, Costa Rica, September 2021

CIRIEC, the world reference centre for research and information on public, social and cooperative economy, invites you to the 8th International Research Conference on Social Economy, scheduled for 8-10 September 2021 in San José, Costa Rica. The event is organized by the new Costa Rican section of CIRIEC in close collaboration with CIRIEC-International and the national sections of CIRIEC. The overall theme of the Congress is ‘Social and Solidarity Economy and the Agenda 2030: inclusive and sustainable development through innovative social practices’.

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New guide on Social Economy for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities

Social Economy Europe has published the best practice guide ‘Social Economy for the full inclusion of people with disabilities’. The guide, which is supported by the European Commission, through the European Social Fund, highlights 12 examples of how social economy companies contribute to the social and labor integration of people with disabilities throughout the European Union, as well as to boost accessibility.

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The digital road to Mannheim
Digital education & training
Youth at the heart of the social economy

Towards ecological transition

Social economy in time of environmental and climate change challenges