CIRIEC – APCE 2021/1: The New Age of Commons: Innovation or Necessity? in FREE ACCESS


vol.92, n°1, 2021

The New Age of Commons: Innovation or Necessity?
  • The increasing role and the diversity forms of Commons for production and preservation of essential goods and services /Philippe Bance & Jérôme Schoenmaeckers
  • Social and solidarity economy and social and solidarity commons: Towards the (re)discovery of an ethic of the common good? / Andrea Salustri
  • Commons and cooperatives: A new governance of collective action /Alexandre Guttmann
  • Cooperative conversion and communalization: Closely observed interactions between the material and the mental / Hervé Charmettant & Yvan Renou
  • Résilience d’une méta‐organisation : Le cas d’un commun de l’alimentation / Alexandrine Lapoutte
  • Elements of the institutionalization process of the forest and pasture commons in Romania as particular forms of social economy / Irina‐Sînziana Opincaru
  • Do socially motivated self‐help groups perform better? Exploring determinants of micro‐credit groups’ performance in Eastern India / Anirban Pal & Piyush Kumar Singh
  • Public good, collective action and financial regulation / Faruk Ülgen


Marco Marini