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Newsletter July & August 2021Results EADI/ISS conference on Solidarity  EventThe global EADI/ISS conference on Solidarity has taken place this week, with an impressive number and diversity of participants from all over the world. Impressions and perspectives from the conference are shared here. Learn more >  

  8th International Degrowth Conference EventThe conference on ‘Caring Communities for Radical Change’ is taking place at ISS on 24-28 August. The conference is an open platform to discuss ideas and practices which can ensure wellbeing for all within the Earth’s limits. Register your spot >NWO has granted ISS research AwardThe Dutch Research Council has granted Prof Thea Hilhorst, Dr Karin Astrid Siegmann and Dr Silke Heumann €750,000 for their new project on the role of transactional sex in humanitarian crises and reforming institutional responses. Learn more >  

  Successful PhD defence by Zhen Lu PromotionOn 24 June 2021, Zhen Lu successfully defended her thesis on the changing roles of local governments in influencing the dynamic regional business systems in the transitional heterogeneous Chinese economy. More information>New publications by ISS researchers  PublicationsRepresentations of ‘good life’ in Laos; growth performance and gender in Pakistan; corporate social responsibility in Argentina; these are just some of the latest publications by ISS researchers. Read the latest publications > 

  Counting the Dead on World Refugee Day BlogMost migrants who died around and inside Europe did so anonymously. Marking UN World Refugee Day on 20 June, Dr Helen Hintjens describes the ‘Counting the Dead’ event held on Scheveningen beach in her recent blog. Read the blogpost >ISS alumna in the lead for new Constitution in Chile AlumniISS alumna Elisa Loncon from the indigenous Mapuche people in Chile is chosen to lead in drafting Chile’s new Constitution.  Read the full article >   

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24 Aug -28 Aug9:00  8th International Degrowth Conference ‘Caring Communities for Radical Change’Conference  
7 October16:00  69th Dies Natalis ISSLecture  
26 Jan – 28 Jan9:00  Realist Complexity between Causal and Complex Systems Conference Conference   
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