Institute of Development Policy (IOB) »: Seminar invitation: Cultivating resistance to land grabs, mining and invasion in the Brazilian Amazon: community and legal strategies across borders (3 May 2022)

Seminar invitation
3 May 2022 – 13.00h until 16.00h CET   The University of Antwerp is glad to welcome a delegation of leading representatives of the indigenous, fishing and artisanal mining communities in the Amazon and to bring together academics and social movement advocates from Brazil and Europe to share understanding, analysis and actions in relation to the destruction of communities, river and forest by local and international interests.  
The event is the sole public event in the week-long visit of the delegation to Europe, where they will be meeting with Eamon Gilmore, the EU Special Representative for Human Rights, other communities affected by extractive projects, environmental and human rights NGOs and civil society organizations in Scotland, Belgium and Switzerland. Register here