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publication 26/04/2022
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The Public Private Partnerships of the Social and Solidarity Economy in Brazil – Study of the Recycling Enterprises and their Economic and Legal Relations with the Public Power
Daniel Francisco NAGAO MENEZES

The objective of this research was to analyze the tender exemption for selective waste collection by associations and cooperatives formed by low-income people with a view to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which was proclaimed in the 2030 Agenda. As a result, it was discovered that 13 of the 17 SDGs advocated in the 2030 Agenda can be positively affected by the exemption from bidding, especially because they will foster collective organizations, generating reflections on the lives of low-income people who may be involved in those activities. In addition, it was observed that the implementation of this local sustainable development policy creates challenges such as: the interests of local and regional elites, the absence of a balanced environmental development policy and the inability of environmental management, as well as social and economic problems in the institutionalization cycle of these cooperatives and workers associations.</! div>  

Date 2021
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