Agence française de développement : Studies and Knowledge – January 2023 📚

AFD Webinar

Monitoring economic activities using night time light imagery: innovation over the last 10 years

January 17 
4:30pm – 6:00pm 

The Earth Observation Group of the Colorado School of Mines, led by Christopher Elvidge, uses nighttime satellite imageries to generate high-definition monthly and annual maps of the world. For AFD’s activities, these maps are an original source of data to help with targeting and monitoring at a fine scale the variations in economic activities induced by projects. During the seminar, Christopher Elvidge will present the work of his team and describe recent innovations. This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on use cases related to targeting and project monitoring.Register to the webinarAFD TechTalks
Emerging technologies Impacts on the future of democracy: trends and consequences

January 19
2:00pm – 3:15pm 

What are the impacts of technological advances on democratic dialogue in the context of ecological and social transitions? What is the role of institutions and governments? This seminar talk hosted by Jorge Clarke, Strategic consultant at Emerging Tech Lab, AFD, presents how such irresponsible use of technology does have negative impacts on democracy and sustainable development.An open discussion with attendees of the seminar will be centered on the role of institutions, and governments in mitigating such undesirable consequences on the development. It will be great to have contributions from attendees on examples of such negative impacts on the quest for a green and fair transition for sustainable development.
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Leveraging Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) for improving resilience and impact in times of crises Remote Management, Monitoring and Verification (RMMV) approaches and tools allow us to implement humanitarian and international development projects under challenging circumstances. During the recent and current multiple crises – the pandemic, wars and climate change-induced natural disasters, to mention only a few –, the use of RMMV has increased dramatically.Bruno Leclerc, AFD Regional Director Grand Sahel, will join the KfW interactive virtual exchange on 8th and 9th February 2023 to discuss  collective experience, lessons learnt as well as current trends, opportunities for collaboration and recommendations for the future. Join the KfW Interactive Conference

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Global biodiversity scenarios: what do they tell us for Biodiversity-Related Financial Risks? 
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Development finance fragmentation and diversification:  the case of China, India and Türkiye
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Angola : A vital but constrained transformation of the economic model in the run-up to the 2022 electionsMacroDev 41
Evaluation of AFD and FFEM contributions to biodiversity conservation trust funds (2005-2019) 
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on Strong Sustainability 
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