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Ciriec - Annales de l'économie publique, sociale et coopértive
vol.94, n°2, 2023
South Korean social enterprises and their networks: On their organizational linkages at the interstice between the third, public, and corporate sectors / Casper Hendrik Claassen,  Eric Bidet,  Junki Kim Exploring the attractiveness of social enterprises to job seekers: The role of perceived value fit and prestige / Saskia Crucke,  Hanne Bockaert
What is the benefit of membership in farm producer organizations? The case of coffee producers in Peru / Jasper Grashuis,  Theodoros Skevas (OPEN ACCESS)
Tax morale, fiscal capacity, and war / Alessandro Belmonte,  Désirée Teobaldelli,  Davide Ticchi  Cooperative movement and widespread prosperity across Italian regions / Michele Costa,  Flavio Delbono,  Francesco Linguiti
Effect of board gender diversity on the financial performance of microfinance institutions: Does judicial efficiency matter? / Beatrice Sarpong-Danquah,  Michael Adusei,  Joseph Magnus Frimpong (OPEN ACCESS) 
Loan officer gender and loan repayment performance. Evidence from greenfield microfinance institutions in Cameroon / Hubert Tchakoute Tchuigoua (OPEN ACCESS)
The tax advantage of public firms over private firms in the German household solid waste disposal industry / Marko Krause,  Alexander Lahmann 
Managerial firms’ profitability, unions, and environmental taxes / Domenico Buccella,  Luciano Fanti,  Luca Gori 
Corruption and corporate leverage in an emerging economy: The role of economic freedom / Anh-Tuan Doan,  Bich-Thanh Truong,  Chi-Cuong Nguyen,  Phan-Tam-Nhu Nguyen,  Hai-Yen Truong,  Anh-Tuan Le 
How to eliminate the uncovered market: A duopoly model with government intervention / Dongmin Yao,  Pengyuan Zhang,  Xiaoyu Meng
How much of the world economy is state-owned? Analysis based on the 2005–20 Fortune Global 500 lists / Grzegorz Kwiatkowski,  Marlena Gołębiowska,  Jakub Mroczek Editor Marco Marini Publisher Wiley 
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