CIRIEC Publication: « Emerging Experiences of Social Economy in Iberoamerica » in FREE ACCESS

general 18/03/2021
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Emerging Experiences of
Social Economy in Iberoamerica

Set up in late 2019, the Working Group of the International Scientific Commission “Social and Cooperative Economy” onEmerging Experiences of Social Economy in Iberoamerica has just released a publication resulting from its research. .
Under the coordination of Prof. J. F. ALVAREZ (Pontificia Universidad Javeriana – Colombia) and Prof. Carmen MARCUELLO (Universidad de Zaragoza – Spain), around 33 members from 14 countries have elaborated 18 papers presenting new developments of Social and Solidarity Economy in their countries, notably adressing sustainable development goals..

This collective Ebook and its chapters (in Spanish and Portuguese) produced in collaboration with OIBESCOOP are downloadable in FREE ACCESS.